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While it might not always be obvious sometimes when people try to put curses on us, signs come forth. They are not always as easy to spot as you’d hope for them to be but if you know what to look for you can find them.

It’s hard to spot enemies when they’re seemingly invisible but the more you look for the signs of crossing the more clear they will become if they are present for you. Below I am going to break down some of the more common signs that this kind of issue might be something you’re facing. If you are noticing more than one of these signs, you’re likely facing something a bit witchy whether you want to admit it or not. From here you can work to cleanse yourself and clear the air more properly if you so choose.

7 Signs Someone Is Trying To Curse You:

1. You’re having a serious string of bad luck.

While we have bad luck from time to time if all you’re seeing is bad luck constantly there could be something witchy going on. Curses work in different ways depending on what you’re facing and well, oftentimes they bring bad luck. They push you down and do their best to keep you there.

2 Every time you’re around a flame, it seems to burn differently than it normally would.

Flames often react differently to those who are cursed and when magic is in use overall. If you notice open flames acting odd around you, don’t count it off right off the bat. It could mean something sinister is going on that you’re not necessarily aware of.

3. You have a very negative feeling within your gut and you cannot pinpoint why.

Hexes and cursed often leave us feeling odd. When your gut is telling you something, you should not ignore it. Your gut won’t make you aware of something for no reason, if there is an issue present, you need to be able to find it.

4. You’ve noticed synchronicities that suggest something foul is at play.

Synchronicities are placed here by the angels guarding us in this life and they will warn you if you need to be warned. Pay close attention to the numbers you’re seeing and the things you’re experiencing. While it might not seem like much at first the more persistent the more you need to accept the message before you.

5. Personal items have come up missing be it photographs, family heirlooms, or other things of the sort.

People who curse others need personal items to place their curses and things of that sort. While it takes time to get these things if you notice them missing you shouldn’t just overlook it. If you’re suddenly missing photos and things of the sort, there is a reason for that. These kinds of things don’t just grow legs and walk off.

6. You’re having thoughts or emotions that do not feel like your own.

Sometimes things of this nature can implant thoughts or emotions into us that do not fit our normal narrative. If you’re feeling this kind of thing then you should not ignore it. The stronger the witch you’re facing the worse this may end up being. Do not let it win, taking back your power is key.

7. You’re suffering from sleep paralysis or dreaming of bizarre things like masks or snakes.

Your dreams and the way you sleep matter. If you’re being influenced in your dreams or pushed to see things you otherwise would never notice, something could be up. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to this kind of thing, merely being under a little stress isn’t going to be enough to shake you to your core, you know your limits.