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While you might not be big on ghosts and other things of the sort, that does not mean they aren’t all around you. If you take the time to open your mind as well as your heart, you will see that listening closely will reveal some pretty mind-blowing things.

While the people of the spirit world can and do reach out to us often if we are not aware of how to read them, their messages get lost. When you are feeling a bit off and curious about whether someone from the other side is trying to contact you, looking for the signs can really point you in the right direction. Below I am going to go over some of those signs, how many are currently present in your life?

7 Signs Someone From The Other Side Is Trying To Make Contact:

1. Things keep suddenly going missing only to be found exactly where you left them.

This is literally the spirit/ghost playing tricks on you. It could be the spirit of someone who knew you in the past before their death or it could be someone who simply lived in the same place you do now before you. This varies from person to person so your experiences could be different within reason.

2. Your dreams have become quite ‘intense.’

When you dream, you can feel things on a deeper level than usual. Your dreams are more vivid and going in a new direction. This is because the spirit that wishes to speak to you is trying to tell you something.

3. Your electronics are on the fritz.

When spirits are around usually electronics get a bit spastic. Some devices may turn off and back on while others stop working entirely. This all depends on the spirit and how serious it’s intent is.

4. You keep seeing butterflies.

Butterflies are thought to be travelers from this realm to the next. In the past, many believed they carried with them messages from the spirit world and so that continues through today. If you keep seeing butterflies they might be trying to deliver a message to you.

5. You’re smelling/feeling/experiencing something very specific.

When we are in the presence of a ghostly being we will smell specific things, get chills, and sometimes experience extreme temperature differences in places. If you smell your grandmother’s apple pie all the while not having had it in years and nothing similar smelling insight, she might be trying to get your attention. Things like this will be small but make a big impact.

6. You notice repeating numbers.

While angel numbers are often something we associate with our angel guides, spirits can send these out as well. If you’re seeing repeating numbers looking into the meaning of those specific numbers can reveal a lot more than you’d expect. Do not ignore them, the more you see them the more important they are.

7. Things are or have suddenly popped into your head that you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

Spirits are very good at getting in our minds. They can and will send us information that we need. If you’re suddenly becoming aware of things that you couldn’t know otherwise, consider those from the other side as a source.