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There is nothing worse than finally feeling like you have found the one, only to begin to worry that this person’s love is fake. The journey to find and keep love is already hard enough as it is- which is why it’s important to be able to spot a fake relationship as soon as possible.

In an increasingly fake world, it’s no wonder that people fake emotions like love for one another. With the rise of dating apps, OnlyFans, and social media- it’s almost needless to wonder why more and more people are finding themselves in inauthentic relationships. To be clear, a fake relationship or fake love is what happens when from the outside looking in, you may have the perfect relationship. But, when it comes down to it- something is amiss.

If you have found yourself in a situation where your relationship feels off, and you are beginning to wonder if your partner isn’t really as into you as they say they are, then you may need to check out these 7 signs.

1. Your relationship always leaves you unsatisfied.

You are always left wanting more from your relationship and your partner. You may have a hard time putting a finger on it, but when you think about it- the connection feels less like love and more like a comfortable situation. When you try to bring this up, your partner changes the subject.

2. You feel insecure and unhappy.

You never feel like you are on stable ground in the connection. Something feels off, and you simply cannot shake that feeling. For whatever reason, you have a bad feeling in your gut.

3. Your partner often makes you feel like they settled for you.

Your partner oftentimes makes jokes or remarks that they settled for you. Or, they may bring up their ideal partner, and you aren’t it.

4. You feel like you have to be someone else to make your partner happy.

You are constantly having to pretend to be someone you are not, to please your partner. When you try to be yourself, your partner shames you or even ignores you altogether. The only way for you to get them to appreciate you is to change who you are.

5. Their body language is not consistent with their words.

When they say they love you, they step away. They do not mirror you or stand close. And in many cases, they stand with their arms crossed and face away from you. You always feel like they are pulling away.

6. They put everyone before you.

Everyone always comes before you. They are always blowing you off to hang out with their friends. And when you need them the most, they are nowhere to be found.

7. They don’t care about how you feel or what you think.

They do not consider your feelings at all. Whenever you bring up how you feel about something, they continue to step all over your boundaries. They pretty much do whatever they want, your feelings are damned.