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Being an empath in a cold world is already not an easy task, now imagine how much harder being an empath can be, when you are raised by a narcissist. The thing is, the combination of empath and narcissist in any capacity can be an outright toxic combination.

For the daughter, especially when she an empath with a narcissistic mother, what can begin to unfold can be tricky. The empath daughter of a narcissistic mother will find herself feeling like she is trapped in a cycle of constantly trying to heal her mother, to please her mother, and to be accepted by her mother. Unfortunately, because her mother is a narcissist, this doesn’t tend to happen. Instead, the narcissistic mother will take and take and take until she has left her daughter completely overwhelmed.

Here are 7 signs of a narcissistic mother and empath daughter relationship.

1. The daughter tries everything she can to make her mom happy, but always comes up short.

The empath daughter, much like any empath, will do anything to make her mother happy. Because empaths struggle when seeing others struggle, the daughter will take on the role of trying to be the peacemaker. Of course, narcissists cannot be soothed, and the daughter will find herself always feeling as though she has come up short.

2. The mother is always disrespecting her daughter’s boundaries.

Narcissistic mothers do not care about boundaries. If they want to say something they will and if they want to do something, they will. They only care for their self-interest, and this can make things tricky, to say the least.

3. The daughter has a hard time standing up to her mother.

The empath daughter will want to establish boundaries, but she will struggle to. In the moments in which she wants to stand up to her mother, it will seem easier to just let her have her way. Of course, if you give a narcissist an inch, they will take a mile.

4. The daughter feels responsible for her mother’s happiness.

The empath’s daughter will feel responsible for her mother’s happiness. She will make it her duty to do whatever it takes to keep the peace and make her mother happy. Unfortunately, narcissists are only happy as long as they are getting their supply, and even then, they are bound to end up turning on you.

5. Any time the daughter does stand up it gets twisted.

In the rare moments, the empath daughter has finally had enough and stands up, her mother will twist this. In these moments, the mother will lay on the guilt trip pretty heavy until her daughter finally concedes.

6. The daughter ends up having several mental health struggles.

Empaths are givers, but we all have our limits. You cannot pour from an empty cup and eventually, the daughter will run empty. In most cases, this can surface in the form of anxiety, depression, and constant fatigue.

7. The mother never accepts fault and always turns things around on her daughter.

Narcissistic mothers never accept fault or responsibility for their actions. Instead, they tend to turn the tables and make it seem like everything is someone else’s fault. Sadly, the empath’s daughter will become the scapegoat until she can escape the cycle.