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You might think he is in love with you, but is he really? Men are extremely good at faking it, perhaps he is just using you?

Men, for some reason, tend to act pretty emotionless overall, which makes spotting their false love a bit tougher than it should be. Trying to figure out if he is being genuine with you or not is never a simple task. While you might think you know, anything could happen. Relationships are not always what they seem.

While it might sound crazy or completely catch you off guard, sometimes you just don’t know a person or their intentions as well as you wish you did. Sometimes a person can be madly in love with you without realizing it, just as easily as someone could be trying to use you without you realizing it. Below, I am going to go over some of the signs that his love for you is real. If he does all of these things, you shouldn’t have anything to be worried about.

7 Signs He is Undeniably In Love With You:

1. He is honest with you.

He doesn’t lie to you. When he says something, you know it is the truth. You are both able to be open and honest with one another.

2. He does small things to make you happy.

He does small things for you that he knows make a difference in your life. Sure, he might not be going out and spending thousands on you but he makes you dinner from time to time and rubs your feet when they hurt. He makes you feel better when he needs to without being asked.

3. He is there through the hard times.

He is there for you through all the rough patches. When something hard hits, he is there for your support. He is by your side when you need him to be.

4. He makes sure you have all that you need (everyone’s needs are met).

He makes sure everyone in the relationship is taken care of. He doesn’t put his wants before your needs, and neither do you. You are both comfortable within the relationship.

5. He doesn’t give you a reason to question his faithfulness.

He doesn’t make you question his loyalty. You feel like you can trust him in his faithfulness. You know he would not cheat on you.

6. He doesn’t expect you to put forth all the effort.

He doesn’t make you put forth all the effort. He texts and calls you first sometimes too. You are both on the same page.

7. He worries about you.

He will call to see if you’re alright if he hasn’t heard from you. He makes sure to check in and worries if you disappear. He cares about you and makes sure to show it.

Showing that you really love someone is not as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be. Being real and caring is a lot simpler than it looks. Pay attention to these signs and go from there.

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