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We all have angels guarding over us. Whether you think these angels are actually angels or mere beings, in general, is up to you, but their purpose is still the same.

These angels are here to protect us and guide us to where we were meant to be in this life. While for the most part, they do not speak to us, occasionally they need to make themselves known. When this happens they may try to contact us in a number of ways. Below you will find a list of the most common ways your angels might be working to warn you of something to come. Be aware of these things and pay close attention to what it is your angels may be telling you.

7 Signs Your Angels Are Warning You Of Something:

1. Your dreams are telling you something.

If you have reoccurring dreams, there is something going on that you need to recognize. Our dreams can tell us a lot about what is going on in our lives. How do your dreams relate to your life?

2. You notice strange delays.

Everything seems to be slowing you down but this is happening for a reason. Angels use many different tactics to change your schedule. For instance, if there is going to be a train wreck they will do all they can to prevent you from getting on the train in the first place.

3. You hear voices.

You are noticing voices that seem to be coming from nowhere. This could be the voice of someone you previously knew or a voice you do not recognize. It could be anything from a reminder to buckle up to an intense plea from elsewhere.

4. You feel there is something wrong.

Our intuition is strongly connected to our angels. If you feel there is something wrong in your gut then there is most likely something wrong. Do not ignore your intuition, it is only doing its job.

5. You have ‘premonitions.’

Premonitions are feelings that something is about to happen. These feelings are quite intense and while similar to intuition are far more overwhelming. It is a feeling of extreme anxiety and imminent danger. For most this is enough to get them out of a potentially life-threatening situation. Angels use this one more often than we realize.

6. Other people are warning you of things.

Sometimes angels speak through other people. They bring them to you and have them remind you to stay safe or things of the sort. Sometimes these people are not aware of why they are warning you but they can sense the danger themselves as well.

7. You become sick out of nowhere.

If you are sick you are at home in bed, right? This keeps you out of harm’s way depending on what is happening. Our angels have the ability to keep us home if they really feel the need to.

When these things are happening in our lives, we need to stop and ask ourselves what it is our angels want us to know. Everything happens for a reason. Make sure you figure out what that reason is before it is too late, bad things happen every single day.