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While emotional intelligence is very important not everyone has as much of it as they should. Sometimes we end up in relationships where these things are so unmatched that it just won’t work.

Emotional intelligence for those who do not know is a person’s capacity to be aware of, express, and control their own emotions. This affects how they handle their relationships with other people and can really have drastic effects on their love lives. If your emotional intelligence is very low and your partners is very high issues are going to come up quite often.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be operating on an emotional intelligence level that is higher than your lovers. This might be what is driving a lot of your issues. While you might not completely understand this it is something that you need to be aware of.

7 Signs That You Are More Emotionally Intelligent Than Your Lover:

1. You are quick to speak up when upset but your lover is not.

You are always going to speak up when something happens. You don’t ignore your own emotions when something is bothering you it does not go without being mentioned. You are quick to bring these things to light but the person you’re with will ignore them for as long as possible.

2. You are always trying to be supportive of your lover.

You are always doing your best to be supportive of your lover. When you are together you are always doing your best to build him or her up. You are this person’s personal cheerleader.

3. You know how to say ‘no’ when you need to.

You are someone that knows when to say no. You are not going to take on more than you can handle. If you are always working to help your lover with the things he or she is taking on then chances are they are doing more than they can handle and need to learn how to say no sometimes.

4. You talk about your feelings but your lover refuses to do the same.

You are good at talking about how you feel. If something is bothering you then you will bring it up, and you might have noticed that your partner doesn’t do this. He or she tends to isolate his or herself when something is going on. If you have a bad day you come home and talk about it, your lover does not do that.

5. You feel like you’re always begging your lover to open up.

You are always having to basically beg your partner to let you in. When things get serious he or she shuts down; this is a huge sign.

6. You prefer to sit down and talk things out.

You are always willing to sit down and talk about the things going on in your relationship. Your partner/lover does not do that. You have to bug him or her until they finally let things out and it usually happens in an angry explosion.

7. You have to guess when it comes to what your lover is feeling.

You are always being forced to guess what your partner or lover is feeling. They never really let you know what is going on in their hearts. This can cause a lot of issues within the relationship.