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Purgatory, for those who might not know, is something integral to the Roman Catholic faith. It is quite interesting and all the while confusing, but could you be trapped in it?

If you look up the definition of Purgatory chances are you will get some kind of variation of “a condition or place in which the souls of those who pass/die are purified from their sins.” This place is not quite Heaven, but also not Hell. It is a place in which those who have died go through temporal punishment until they have basically made up for their sins.

Some people are terrified of this idea and others take comfort in it, it all depends on the person and where they are in their lives. However, if you aren’t Catholic you probably haven’t heard much about it, if anything. According to OSV, the Church’s doctrine on purgatory reminds everyone that sin does have consequences ‘eternal ones,’ and that while God might love us all he still makes us pay for the mistakes we have made through our free will. It is considered to be a gift that allows a person to really make up for the things they have done during their time alive. Regardless of your beliefs, I am sure you see this as something that is quite fascinating. I, for one, love learning about the beliefs of others.

Many people living here on Earth actually think that they and others around them are going through purgatory. They believe that all the things we are going through right now is actually is “paying” for our sins. Some people have the good life while others are dealing with a lot; everyone has a different story. It doesn’t stop there, though, others think that this world is a fabrication created within purgatory for the person living his or her life to endure. Could you be stuck in purgatory right now and not even know it?

Below, I am going to go over some of the things many consider to be signs that a person might be stuck in purgatory. Whether you find these to be mind-opening or completely ridiculous, they are something that will evoke thought on some level. What is this life, and where are we headed?

7 Signs You Might Actually Be Dead and ‘Living’ in Purgatory:

1. You struggle with remembering your past.

If you cannot remember much from your childhood, there could be some kind of spiritual reason for that. Maybe you are only remembering what God wants you to remember? Perhaps things are not quite what they seem, maybe that ‘bad memory’ of yours was given to you for a reason?

2. You are being forced to overcome lots of things time and time again.

If you are being brought to the same lessons time and time again, you might not be truly learning them. If you do not overcome them, you won’t be able to move on, right? If you are not learning the lesson, you need to learn, it would only make sense for the lesson to present itself time and time again.

3. You feel overwhelmingly stuck.

You cannot move forward. In purgatory, you are literally stuck, so if this is purgatory moving on won’t be possible, right? You won’t be able to overcome the things you want to overcome, and you will be forced in directions you might not normally travel.

4. You struggle to really make decisions.

If you are struggling to make decisions, it could be because there is a lot for you to think through. If you don’t go to the lengths that you need to go to in order to truly understand the decisions before you, they might not be as simple as you want them to be. I know, this sounds like a lot, but it could make sense now, couldn’t it?

5. You feel very out of your body, all the time.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are a shadow just following your body around?Purgatory is thought to be a very separating experience. It is much more spiritual and energetic than physical. You can go through pain and pleasure during your time there, which really throws people off.

6. You cannot sleep, you don’t need to sleep anymore.

People in purgatory might not sleep. While it sounds a bit odd if you are dead, sleep isn’t going to be necessary. While this might not be the case for everyone, it could be the case for you. How are you feeling?

7. You experience the same things time and time again, down to exact details.

You are noticing the same things happening time and time again. You are literally reliving moments, and it is driving you crazy. Maybe this is a form of torture for you? Could there be something you are overlooking that is keeping you from changing things?

Perhaps purgatory doesn’t exist at all, or perhaps we are living in some kind of virtual reality? Maybe the rifts in all of the things going on are signs that Earth is not what it seems? I guess in the end, we will never truly know anything we want to know, because no matter how much we figure out, questions will still arise. Did this give you something to think about?