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Before learning how to properly love an empath you need to know exactly what an empath is. For those who do not know an empath is a person with a gift, these people can truly feel and absorb the emotions of others as their own.

If ever you find yourself involved with an empath please know that they love much more deeply than most people. They can be intense, to say the least, and if you don’t know how to handle them they can be a bit ‘too sensitive’ for most people to be with on that level. However, we cannot help who we fall for and empaths are amazing individuals with whom we can have a wonderful life with.

If you want to love an empath properly the things below could come in handy. Remember these things throughout your relationship if you happen to be with an empath. If you love them properly they will stick with you through whatever.

7 Tips on How to Love an Empath:

1. Always take them seriously.

They are experiencing things you cannot. They are feeling these emotions that are not even their own on such a level that is hard to even explain. While you will want to joke about them being too sensitive please don’t they are not doing this to be annoying they are really feeling something.

2. Be honest with your empath.

Empaths respect honesty and appreciate those who are real with them. If you love them on that level they expect you to be honest above everyone else. If you lie to them they will not hang around, they can see through you whether you think they can or not.

3. Accept them for who they are.

While you should accept everyone you are in a relationship with for who they are you should especially accept the parts of the empath that you do not understand. Let them be who they are and do not try to change them. This gift is not something you can change and it is without a doubt not something the empath can just wish away.

4. Be as supportive as possible.

While you do not fully understand what the empath is going through be supportive. It is hard for them to open up to people and if they choose to open up to you do not take it for granted. Offer them your support and acceptance.

5. Do not try to hold the empath back.

If you try to hold the empath back he or she will just run away from you. They need freedom. You cannot prevent them from feeling things, they need to be a part of the world. They must feel things and express themselves.

6. Do not step on their boundaries.

The empath sets boundaries not to be mean but to protect the energy he or she needs. An empath needs alone time to reboot and let go of the emotions they have absorbed. You cannot negotiate these boundaries, please be respectful.

7. Making an empath laugh will tie you closer to the heart.

When an empath is down in the dumps over emotions that are not their own laughter is a great medicine. If you can make the empath laugh you have the key to his or her heart. They love to smile.