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You might want to fall in love, but do you recognize it when it’s staring you in the face? Love is not just about connection, it is about so much more.

If you’re questioning whether you’re falling for someone or not, chances are you are most likely doing so. Our bodies and minds in general really send out some pretty hard to miss signals when we’re moving forward in the right direction with someone. Falling in love can be complicated or it can be the easiest thing you ever do, everyone is different.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that science backs that will help you figure out if you’re falling for someone or not. If these signs are present then you’re already head over heels. Love is not as hard to find as we might usually make it out to be, if we’re face to face with the right person, our bodies will make sure things fall into place.

7 Science-Backed Signs You’re Falling In Love:

1. You have become much more open to new ideas and things of the sort.

When you’re in love or falling in love you’re going to be more willing to get out there and do new things. Life becomes more about exploration than it usually would be and your self-esteem grows. While this one might not be as expected, it happens to most and a study from back in 1995 actually found

2. Your heart rates tend to mimic one another.

Sure, it might sound outlandish but it’s true. When you’re romantically involved with someone, your heart rates synchronize sometimes. If you’re just sitting quietly you may notice this, perhaps you should pay close attention and see where it leads you.

3. You’re always looking his or her way.

We cannot keep our eyes off the things we adore the most. If you’re always looking his or her way chances are the feelings you think you have are quite present. It’s not rocket science, you should be able to see it just as clearly as you do him/her.

4. Being with them is a ‘high’ for you.

When we are falling for someone being around them makes us feel amazing. This is because of the chemicals/hormones our brains release. Romance is a very interesting thing to experience and the more dopamine that gets pumping the harder we will fall.

5. You both feel a strong physical connection.

When you’re in love with someone you will both feel a physical connection. He or she won’t be able to keep his or her hands off of you and you will be all over him or her. While PDA isn’t ideal, the more time you spend together the more you want to do. Being physical with someone you care about is a very amazing thing.

6. You’ve begun planning for the future with this person.

This kind of thing strengthens our bonds and builds a deeper connection. If you’re planning a future with someone, of course, you love them. You’re becoming more and more attached and growing ideas within about where things are headed. Without a plan, things might go south quick, right?

7. They are always on your mind.

We tend to think about the people we care the most about a lot. Love makes us do crazy things and that in itself is because of the way our brain reacts to it. When we are in love we crave more of the feelings we get when we are around the person we love and so when we’re apart from that person our brain sends signals out to push us back to that person.

For more insight on love and what can help you identify it please check out the video below. Are you experiencing any of these things? I for one know them all too well.

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