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We all want to be happy in life but for a number of reasons that isn’t as possible as we would like for it to be. Sure, things might be positive sometimes but if you’re facing an overwhelming negative things will go south quickly.

Before we move forward I want to touch on just how unhappy the people of this world seem to be right now in current times. We attack one another, hate people for being different, and refuse to really build any real sense of trust all for some of the dumbest reasons. Rather than being unified and growing with one another we are divided and working to tear each other apart.

If you really want to be happy you have to be willing to follow some of the most ‘unconventional’ rules and also willing to break the mold. You can’t do what everyone else is doing and expect your life to turn into something magical. That’s not how things like this work. Happiness comes from within and if you don’t cultivate it in your life you will never be able to reach an abundant level. 

If happiness is what you’re currently seeking perhaps the following things can help. Whether you’re doing some of these already or not, making sure that all of them are on your mind will benefit you greatly. How many of these rules can you make work within your life to really become the best possible version of yourself?

7 Rules You Should Follow If You Want To Live A Happier Life:

1. Stop being so stubborn.

While we should be stubborn on occasion living your life in a stubborn manner is not a good idea. You should be willing to try new things and have fun. Don’t force yourself to remain stuck. Being stuck will get you nowhere and you should be more than aware of that.

2. Surround yourself with positive people who actually care for you properly.

Stop being so negative and quit surrounding yourself with toxic people. If someone is trying to hurt you or is making you upset, cut ties with them. You should work to allow only positive people within your circle. Your support group needs to be supportive, period.

3. Be willing to remove yourself from the equation and look at things from an outside perspective.

Sometimes we have to be willing to look at things in a way that we would no be capable of without removing ourselves from the equation. Think outside of the box and from there see where things need to go. How can you work to improve the situation and why is it as it currently is?

4. Do not work so hard to please others.

Working hard is important in life but you should only be doing it for yourself. Pleasing other people in this world should not be a priority to you. You only get one life and you need to be living the life you want to be living. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to face your own decisions and endure the results of the things you’ve done. Make things move forth as YOU see fit not as someone else would like to see fit.

5. Do not dwell on the past.

The past is not something we can change, and so we should not obsess over it. Once something has been done, we should move on from it. If it is no longer serving you, it does not deserve a place in your life, period.

6. Stop giving up on yourself.

While you might want to give up on yourself from time to time, you should never actually do it. We are supposed to be there for ourselves and work to build the life we all know we deserve. Sure, sometimes you’re going to feel down and out but if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you put your mind and heart into.

7. Learn lessons from your mistakes.

We all make mistakes and no one on this planet is perfect. You should always work to learn lessons by making mistakes so that you can grow. Everything we face in this life we face for a reason.