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We all will meet our soulmates at one point in our lives or another, but the longer that you have to wait the more impatient you might become. Just because you’re not linked up with your other half just yet does not mean you will be alone forever and you need to come to accept that.

Your soulmate will find you when you are ready for him or her to find you. The universe knows when the timing is right and will manifest him or her before you whether you want it to or not. If you think you’re ready for your soulmate to find you and you’re searching as hard as you can but nothing is paying off, there is a reason for this.

When we struggle to find our soulmates we should not ‘try harder’ to find them we should stop and think about ourselves and where we are on our paths in life. Through overcoming the obstacles we are facing within we can promote a better atmosphere for our soulmates to come forth. If you are not spiritually where you need to be your soulmate will not find you as easily as you want him or her to.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why you might not have yet managed to really reconnect with your soulmate. While some of these reasons will be a bit frustrating or hard to overcome, working through them and understanding why they are as they are will help you in the long-run. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to really promote the right kinds of change in your current everyday life.

7 Reasons Why Your Soulmate Has Not Found You Yet:

1. You’re harboring a lot of unnecessary negativity.

If you are harboring negativity then your soulmate will not be able to present his or herself to you. You have to be in the right place emotionally for this person to come into your life. Sure, sometimes our soulmate might find us when we’re at our worst but not when we’re feeding into the negativity.

2. You have not let go of the right things yet.

When you’re searching for your soulmate you shouldn’t expect him or her to come forth when you’re still holding onto past lovers. You have to move on from the past and let go of the people who have brought you down and torn you apart. Your attachment to them isn’t going to do you any favors in the long-run.

3. You’re not actually being your authentic self.

Our soulmates are our truest lovers. They accept us for who we are on a level no one else is capable of. If you don’t even know who you are, your soulmate might not be able to come into your life just yet. You really have to figure out who you are and work to better understand your life in itself before really diving into the world of soulmates.

4. The timing is not right.

The universe rules over everything and if the universe doesn’t think you’re ready for your soulmate to come forth, it’s not going to happen. Your soulmate is going to be present in your life when you’re ready, don’t rush it. Just trust in the universe and allow it to work for you.

5. You have not yet learned the lessons you need to learn.

If you’re not learning the lessons that the universe wants you to learn it is not going to reward you. The universe is going to allow your soulmate to manifest before you when you’ve shown enough effort. Chances are you are overlooking some serious lessons that you’ve been needing to really come to terms with.

6. You keep giving power to the wrong people.

Soulmates are not going to be the toxic people you’ve been allowing to control your life. Far too often we waste time thinking that toxic individuals care for us. If someone is holding you back and bringing you down, they are not your soulmate.

7. You are working too hard to remain in control.

If you are too focused on control your soulmate is not going to be able to find you. Being with your soulmate is all about being free and ready to move forth. You have to let go and stop being so obsessed with being the one in control, sometimes we have to just allow ourselves to exist without guidance.