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Most people when asked would say that they want to find a partner who is intelligent, but if that was true, why are there so many intelligent singles out there? Something just doesn’t add up.

While intelligence is a great thing to have, it can hinder us when forming bonds. For most of us, finding love and forming relationships is second nature. But, for someone of high intelligence, it can be a bit more daunting than that. In fact, a lot of people who are of higher intelligence tend to struggle when it comes to finding love. Here are 7 reasons that explain why.

1. They overthink.

Highly-intelligent people overthink about everything. And while this can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. Why? Because when you overthink every little detail, it can really put you off when it comes to dealing with people and really relationships in general.

2. They are intimidating.

A while back, there was a study done in which they asked men what type of partner they were looking for. The vast majority said they wanted an intelligent woman. However, when they actually paired the man with an intelligent woman, the man became standoffish and withdrawn. When they explored why this was, it was tied to the fact that they felt intimidated by the intelligence of the women.

3. They don’t mind being alone.

Most intelligent people enjoy their alone time. Alone time is not only necessary for an intelligent person to recharge, but it’s during that time that they are able to educate themselves and grow. After you’ve gotten comfortable being alone, you start to realize that you don’t need anyone else. Sure, having a partner is great and all, but it’s not necessary.

4. They can see through people’s BS.

The main drawback of being highly intelligent is that you can see through people’s BS. When people try to pretend to be something they are not around you, or try to lie to you, you can see the truth. This makes relationships much harder for someone who is more intelligent.

5. Their goals are priority number 1.

Intelligent people place their goals as their top priority and everything else follows suit. They don’t mind chasing their career, finishing their degree or working on their empire while everyone is out chasing down love.

6. They aren’t easy to understand.

Intelligent people can be much harder to understand. They tend to speak a language all of their own, or they may even come off as neurotic.

7. They have high standards.

Highly intelligent people hold high standards. They won’t settle for less than they deserve. If that means they have to wait longer to find a partner, so be it.