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Each and every day, we encounter different types of people. And while we can’t take anyone for who they are at first glance, we often have an innate sense of who someone is within moments of meeting them.

Sadly, even the most spiritual people can be toxic, and in a world full of an increasing number of spiritually awakened people, there are a number of misconceptions that can make even the most well-intentioned people no good. People who are all positivity and completely against any negative energies, including the ones within themselves (to the point of denying their existence) belong to that group.

They work to make everyone think they are all sunshine and rainbows while suppressing anger, trauma, fear, and sadness. Unfortunately, when we suppress our true selves and refuse to accept even the darkest aspects of our souls, we allow them to grow. When you meet someone who is a spiritual teacher or expert, ask yourself, are they truly their authentic self?

Or are they hiding behind a charade? If you notice false or fake positivity, it is likely they are. And this is why you should steer clear of them.

1. Beneath the surface of positivity, a storm is brewing.

People who fake positivity aren’t fully developing. Instead, they refuse to feel the things they should feel and learn from those that don’t serve them. They know very little of themselves, and in turn, they are explosively imploding.

2. They don’t know themselves.

If you refuse to accept all parts of yourself, even the ones you dislike, there is no room for growth. Instead, you will continue to burrow and burrow, in turn, lying to those you care for. It is very unlikely you will learn anything about yourself from a teacher that is lying to themselves.

3. They will encourage you to miss real life lessons.

Pain is a part of our evolution, and any real teacher will encourage you to feel the emotions that are posed by life in order to grow and learn.

4. They are fraudulent.

If you know they are faking positivity and happiness, you have to wonder what else they are hiding from you. And while I’d like to say that most people are inherently good, that isn’t the case.

5. No answers will be found in these people.

Their advice is likely to be anything but productive advice, and often, you will find yourself in an even worse situation if you follow them. Remember, stay true to yourself, and learn to acknowledge your faults without judgment. Sometimes, things aren’t positive and that’s okay.

6. Eventually, if you let them- their false positivity will grow inside you too.

If you hang around people long enough, you will become a mirror of who they are. Do you really want to be a mirror for a fake and inauthentic self?

7. They will stifle you from becoming awakened.

Time wasted is just that: wasted. No matter how much you think you can learn from this person, if they are fake there is nothing substantial to be learned from them. You already know that inauthenticity is at its core wrong, so instead of allowing it to flourish shut it down.