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While it might not always seem like it, narcissists do target women who aren’t as fragile as you’d expect. Not everyone they choose to break apart is already broken.

When the narcissist chooses his or her prey, they take a lot into consideration and if they want someone, they will do anything they need to do to make that someone trust them. The harder they have to work, the worse things will be once they get that person where they want them. The narcissist’s supply doesn’t just come in one form, it can also be someone who is strong whether you want to accept that or not just know, no one is able to completely avoid narcissistic people.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why some narcissists go after strong women. While that doesn’t always work out for them, it is something to be aware of. Even if you’re strong, that doesn’t mean the charm these kinds of people wear might not sweep you off of your feet.

7 Reasons Narcissists Tend To Target Strong Women:

1. They are jealous of confident people.

Confident people throw narcissists off. They feel odd and because of this narcissists feel like they need to break them down a bit. You shouldn’t be as comfortable as they are in their eyes.

2. They thrive on chaos and know they can stir a lot of that up in your world.

Narcissists are not the kinds of people you want around. When they see someone living happily they want to start some conflict. They like to see things go off and well, if you let them close that is unavoidable.

3. They see you as having something they want, and they will not stand for it.

When you’re confident and strong the narcissist is going to see you as having a life they want. They are very jealous people and if you have what they want they will try to hurt you. They will get close and do their best to destroy you.

4. They love the challenge of breaking someone else down.

Narcissists love hurting people, they feed off of the toxicity they bring forth and the challenge of breaking someone down who is strong is a thrill for them. They want to see you fall and leave you unable to stand.

5. Your strength brings them comfort like nothing else.

Sometimes narcissists find comfort in strong people until they’ve worn those strong people down. They will use you to help themselves until you’re no longer the person they want you to be, and then they will leave. Their toxicity knows no bounds.

6. They seem quite drawn to those who care about others.

Narcissists are often very drawn to people who show great emotions. If you’re caring and kind, they will always come for you. They see this as an easy way to get in and tear you apart all the while gaining as much as they possibly can.

7. They feel a connection and want to explore it.

While this connection might not be something you feel right off the bat, they feel something with you, and exploring it is what they will do. They will push you to get to know them and dive into things. They will give you all that you want until you’re right where they want you.