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Narcissists are low empathy @busers, and often leave their partners in shambles by the time it is all said and done. And while we would all like to believe that our narcissist will be different, the brutal truth is, that even if you do decide to stay, you will never truly be happy with them.

A narcissistic personality disorder is when someone has an inflated sense of importance, a need for constant admiration, a lack of empathy for others, and typically wind up in turbulent relationships. And while they may be good at pretending at times, narcissists are selfish to such an extreme, that they are rarely capable of loving anyone more than themselves.

But, if you don’t understand what you are dealing with, and you buy into their trail of lies, you may not know until it’s too late. However, no matter how much we may try to change them, there are at least 7 traits of the narcissist that make them seem impossible to love.

1. They don’t give anyone else a chance to talk.

To maintain the illusion of grandiosity, the narcissist will spend hours telling you about their accomplishments, their money, their looks, and their good deeds. They constantly need attention and crave it, and while you may not mind at first, eventually you will grow tired of never having a word in edgewise.

2. They gaslight the ones they love.

To keep you on their hook, the narcissist will deny being cruel to you, when you know for a fact that they have done wrong. Even if you witness their bad behavior, they will call you crazy, tell you that you remember things wrong, and leave you doubting yourself. This is gaslighting and it is mental torture.

3. They don’t care about your feelings.

No matter how much they tell you they love you, your feelings don’t matter to them. And they will make decisions time and time again that will hurt your feelings.

4. You won’t ever be good enough for them.

You could go above and beyond, doing everything they told you to do, and it would still not be good enough. They will always want more, and if you are with them, you will always fall short.

5. They are constantly manufacturing chaos.

When things are seemingly going good, lookout. The narcissist thrives off of chaos, and will often try to keep you on your toes. Expect random arguments, being ignored for no reason, and constant manipulation.

6. They need to control you.

Narcissists consider their partners to be an extension of themselves. And they will stop at nothing to maintain control- from yelling, screaming, making demands, and far worse. Oftentimes, they are physically or emotionally abusive.

7. They may seem charming at first, but the mask will fall off.

At first, you will think you’ve finally hit the jackpot. How could you have lived all this time without them? And how could they be so perfect? But, sadly, as time goes on, this will change. And when the mask wears off, you will see the complete opposite of what you had bargained for.