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The dating world is a confusing one, filled with much trial and error. But perhaps the most notorious question that plagues our mind is, “Do they like me?”

No one wants to invest their time and energy into another person or pursue a connection if that person doesn’t feel the same way. And because at first, we want to proceed slowly, it isn’t always so common for people to be direct with their intentions and feelings right off the bat. But there will most definitely be signs.

Here are 7 psychological ways to tell if your person of interest likes you.

1. They mirror you.

Mirroring is when someone mimics your movements, speech, and body language. And it’s a phenomenon that happens when we like someone. Based on various research, when people are interested in someone else, they mirror them.

2. They match your eye contact.

On a very instinctual level, our minds are geared to break eye contact with someone who makes us feel uncomfortable or someone that we do not like. Conversely, when we are into someone, we gaze deeply into their eyes, especially when they look at us. Please understand this should be considered different than staring, which is much more intimidating.

3. They subtly touch you.

People don’t often touch people they do not like. For whatever reason, science has shown that women and men alike tend to gently touch someone they are into. This is often referred to as subliminal touching.

4. They lean toward you.

Pay attention to how close this person gets to you. If someone is really into you, they will get around 0-18 inches from your face, which shows an intimate interest. And when they lean towards you, it shows they feel a common bond with you. If you notice either of these, chances are, your POI is very much into you!

5. Their belly faces you.

It might sound odd to say, but pay attention to this person’s belly. If it’s facing you, they are interested. If it’s away from you, they are disinterested. If you notice their belly expanding, this means that they are extremely interested, but if it withdraws, they are anxious.

6. They ask questions about you.

If you are in a new and blooming relationship, and the person you are interested in pries you with questions, this shows they are into you. They are trying to get to know you and want to move past the surface. People don’t tend to do this unless they are genuinely interested.

7. They focus on your face.

When someone is infatuated by you, they will look at your face, rather than at your body. This shows a genuine and romantic interest, versus just a sexual interest. So, if you are trying to determine whether they are just casually interested, or deeply interested, this is a great way to tell.