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 As we move through life we have to make decisions that work to define who we are. Some of us will choose to go with the flow and others will make a point to really stand out.

While not everyone will be willing to take their lives into their own hands and avoid the status quo, those who do will face lots of problems as a result. Life is already pretty complicated and the more you try to break free from the things others want to force on you, the more complicated it will become. Taking risks and being true to yourself is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. 

Below you will find a list of things that those who don’t conform have to work through and face in this world. Some of these are small issues and others are huge problems. The more you get to know yourself the easier it will become to work through them, please keep that in mind.

7 Problems People Who Refuse To Conform Tend To Face:

1. They have to understand the ups and downs however they may come.

People who do not conform face ups and downs just like everyone else but their ups and downs are a bit different. When they’re up everyone wants to be surrounding them but when they’re down they lose a lot of people. They have to be willing to understand that sometimes they’re going to be stable and other times they won’t. Being free and true to yourself comes with a lot of complications that most people do not realize.

2. They have to deal with the struggles of not being accepted.

When someone is not willing to conform they end up being quite misunderstood and a lot of people in their lives will refuse to accept them. While judgment is quite present in the world no matter what you’re doing it seems these kinds of people are judged the most. If you’re doing things to make yourself happy, someone will always be there to hate on you for it.

3. They have to be very on their toes about what comes next.

Sometimes these kinds of people don’t know what is coming next, but they have to work through it and figure that out as quickly as possible. The more stagnant they become the more they will also fall into what others call the status quo. These kinds of people are also at risk of falling into a rut just like anyone else, and they work actively to avoid that kind of thing.

4. They have to find their truths.

When these kinds of people are moving through their day-to-day lives they have to be willing to question themselves. Without questioning themselves they are not able to come to terms with the things they need to come to terms with. They have to be able to decide where emotions and thoughts are coming from so that they know they are living the truth they need to be living, period.

5. They have to be willing to let go of their fixation on the things others think.

When someone chooses to live a ‘nonconforming’ life they have to let go of the way in which we as humans obsess over the thoughts of others. They have to be willing to let things roll off of their shoulders and stop worrying about how other people feel about the things they’re doing. That in itself is much easier said than done.

6. They have to be willing to let go.

Letting go is a very big part of the life of someone who lives to the beat of their own drum. These people don’t hold onto people or ideas that hold them back. If someone or something is bringing them down, they leave things as they are and continue to move forth.

7. They have to work through their own fears.

These kinds of people are often just as afraid as everyone else. They have their own negative things to deal with and fears to work through. Without working through those fears they would be like everyone else, and they do not want that to happen.