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When it comes to emotional intelligence overall most people are quite lacking. For those who might not be aware, emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions but also includes understanding the emotions of others.

Emotionally intelligent people are very important people in this world. Without these people, the world would be a much more manic place than it is. People who are emotionally intelligent get far less recognition than they deserve, and they are always there for us when we need them. 

If you don’t know whether you’re emotionally intelligent, there are several traits you can look for within yourself to figure things out. Whether you’re very emotionally intelligent or just a little emotionally intelligent, you are capable of making serious changes in the people around you. The more you work towards understanding yourself and others the further you will get in life.

Below I am going to go over some traits that usually belong to those who are emotionally intelligent. If you happen to also have these traits then you are probably pretty emotionally intelligent as well. How many of these things apply to you?

7 Traits Of Emotionally Intelligent People That Are Often Overlooked:

1. They know how important it is to put themselves first.

Emotionally intelligent people put themselves first. They know how crucial it is to partake in self-care above all else. They do not let their own wants or needs to fall through the cracks.

2. They are always the ones people come to for advice.

When someone needs advice they almost always go to the people in their lives who are emotionally intelligent. They do this because they know the emotionally intelligent people are going to give them the advice they need rather than merely telling them what they want to hear. Emotionally intelligent people give the best advice.

3. They know when to walk away from toxic people and situations.

Emotionally intelligent people are very good at walking away from situations that they need to walk away from. They might struggle with it but they get it done nonetheless. When someone is hurting them or bringing them down, they cut ties and move on with their lives.

4. They know when to let go of something that is bothering them.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to let go and are very good at it. When something gets under their skin they address it and move on from it. They do not dwell in the ways that other people do.

5. They know how to spot the things they’re feeling as they come forth.

When emotionally intelligent people are feeling something they know how to identify that feeling. Their emotions are not closed off and bottled up. They are very open and honest with the world and people around them.

6. They don’t let other people limit their own happiness.

Emotionally intelligent people are not going to let other people tell them what to do or who to be. They are always going to be themselves and do the things they want in life. They know what will make them happy and refuse to give that up.

7. They always squash negative self-talk.

When an emotionally intelligent person talks negatively about his or herself they are quick to correct themselves. The more down and out they are the more they push for change. You rarely ever see them beating themselves down.