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Not everyone likes to spend a lot of time with the person they’re dating, sure they want to be together but not 24/7. That being said, some people (like myself) spend all their time with the person they love and just cannot get enough.

For those who do not know the Myers-Briggs personality types consist of 16 personality types. Each one is unique in its own ways and some are very outgoing and sporadic while others are very introverted and planned out. When it comes to dating there are some very specific Myers-Briggs personality types that cling to their partners for dear life and if you belong to one of these types it could explain a lot. 

Below I am going to go over the most emotionally invested and time-consuming Myers-Briggs personality types to date and what makes them so clingy. Which Myers-Briggs personality type are you? To find out you can take a simple quiz by clicking here. Did you make this list?

7 Myers-Briggs Personality Types That Love Spending Time With Their Significant Others:


People who are ESFJs are usually quite fun to be around and always working towards doing something positive for the people they care for. They have to be in constant contact with their partner and are without a doubt the jealous type. You might see these people as popular but that popularity isn’t all that important to them.


People who are ISFJs are usually always looking for someone to care for. They love nurturing others and when in a relationship take great pride in all they do for their lover. They care tremendously about the feelings of those around them and always go the extra mile for their partner.


People who are ESTPs are usually very sensitive people. They crave social interactions and spend a lot of time with the people closest to them in their lives. They are usually quick to move in with lovers and always ready to dive as head over heels as possible. That being said, keeping their attention isn’t easy. They will spend all their time with you or none of it and there isn’t any room for ‘in-between.’


People who are ENFJs are easily one of the most clingy personality types. They are very enthusiastic and pay close attention to their intuition. They spend a lot of time with their lovers because they are very grounded in the here and now. They want to make sure each day is spent with the people who matter the most.


People who are ISFPs are often introverts that are still capable of being extroverted. They go out and do things and are usually quite easy to approach but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t rather be at home. They love keeping a few close and remaining on ‘civil’ terms with everyone else. These people spend a lot of time with their partners and go out of their way to take them to explore and have fun. Just the two of them and a nice adventure, that’s all the ISFP wants.


People who are ENTPs are usually pretty peculiar. We do not find those of this category often. They are high energy and very complex but need the love and care a significant other has to offer. Because of their good social skills their partner can and will usually talk to them all day/night long. That being said, they do not get along with people who have next to nothing in common with them.


Chances are you hear a lot about INFJs well, this is also something true to them. People who are INFJs are smart, creative, and usually clingier than most. They look at things that happen from a different perspective than most people have and always make sure the conversations they are having are meaningful. Once you become important to them, you cannot get rid of them.