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Sure, we all want to find love and be in a positive and healthy relationship but sometimes finding a connection like that can prove to be complicated. The more you try the worse off you end up it seems and that can take a serious toll on you as well as your outlook on love.

While men and women both make mistakes this article is going to focus on the mistakes women make when trying to find love. If you’ve ever had to ask yourself why you were still single or why you couldn’t keep a relationship going the chances are you’ve done or are actively doing one of the following things. While love is not as complicated as some make it out to be, it is still not easy.

There are tons of reasons why a relationship could come to an end or why a date might not turn into a real fling or something more. However, if you’re doing the following things they could be feeding into the reasons why you’re not in the relationship you want to be in. Perhaps small changes like these could make a big difference in your love life.

7 Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Love:

1. She tries to lock things in far too soon.

She thinks too deeply about things and dives into relationships far too quickly. She finds herself in over her head a lot and her emotions tend to get the best of her.  It’s like she is unable to really find her own sense of independence and grow as a person before being in any kind of ‘love’ or ‘romance.’

2. She thinks of everything as a competition.

She thinks of everything that she does as competition even when it comes to her partner or potential partners. She has to outdo everyone and this makes it hard for her to get close to others. Sometimes people just want you to accept their achievements and say you’re proud and if she isn’t capable of that her relationship isn’t going to work as properly as she would want it to.

3. She tries to change the people she date.

Women when trying to find a partner need to look for someone who already fits what they need rather than trying to change someone else. You cannot turn someone who doesn’t fit into someone who does. Either this person is good for you or they are not, period.

4. She forgets to take care of her partner’s emotional side.

While it might seem like she does her best to take care of her partner if she’s forgetting about his/her emotional needs things are always going to fall short. While not all women realize it, men have feelings too. Not everything is about intercourse or being pampered physically. Communication is extremely important when it comes to this kind of thing.

5. She hounds everyone she’s interested in right off the bat.

She might not realize it but through asking so many questions right off the bat and trying to fish for so much information she is overwhelming potential partners. While she should be taking her time and organically getting to know this person she is not willing to. This creates a strain and makes it hard for any real connection to flourish.

6. She tends to attract toxic people into her life.

She might not realize it, but she attracts a specific kind of person, and she needs to make changes to stop that if she wants to find true love in the end. She has to stop accepting people into her life that is going to hurt her and really cut ties with toxic individuals. While might be hard it is crucial.

7. She doesn’t know her own value.

She isn’t the kind of person who knows her worth and it holds her back drastically. If she doesn’t know how important and amazing she is how will others see it within her as well? She needs to really work to love herself more before finding love externally.