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For anyone who dabbles in spirituality, or occultism, the full moon is a time filled with magic and possibility. Even for those who have never dabbled in magic, the full moon is a time associated with extraordinary events, from hospital waiting rooms filling up within hours of the moon showing up in the sky to women who have noticed their periods syncing up with the cycles of the full moon.

Personally, I like to make a big deal out of the full moon. I have been known to do all of the following during this magical time, especially when it falls around the same time as Halloween or Samhain. Luckily, this moon is falling just days before Samhain this year, making it even more magical.
So how do you celebrate the full moon? After reading my list, maybe you can make it and even more enjoyable time each month.

7 Ways to Make the Most of the Upcoming Full Moon

1. Cleanse Your Crystals

Place crystals beneath the light of the full moon to cleanse them of negative energy, old charges, and old intentions. The moonlight also recharges them with intention and powers them back up to be used for new magical purposes.

2. An Intuitive Tarot Reading

You can do one for yourself, or for someone else. I like to do a reading for myself to find out where I stand and any next moves I should take.

3. Draw Down the Power of the Moon

Wiccans and witches alike typically do a ceremony called ‘Drawing Down the Moon,’ which in the Lay Man’s terms is basically when a witch pulls the power of the moon down into her own being. While it may sound complicated it isn’t.

Just cast a circle, invite the elements, and invoke the Goddess of your choice. Provide her with an offering, and use your wand or Athame (ceremonial knife) to pull her power into your own being. Imagine her power as a light that is pouring into you. You will feel it like a charge. Once you have done this, you can then give her the offering and use the power for any spell you would like, or you can use her power to help you through meditation.

The choice is yours.

4. Do a Protection Spell

Protection spells are best when done under a full moon, I don’t care what anyone says! If you have a preferred protection spell, use it. However, I find a Witch’s Bottle spell to be the best method if you have never done one.

What you will need:

A Small Jar
Nails, broken glass shards, tacks, thumbnails, or anything sharp. (Be careful!) I keep mine in a container that is safe to handle before and during the spell.
A black candle
Sea Salt
A Red Ribbon

Fill your jar with the sharp objects about halfway full. According to Old Wives’ Tales, this was thought to deflect negative energy and ill fortune away from the jar. Add a bit of sea salt to purify the jar, and then add the red ribbon which many believe will bring you protection. Now, the rest of the spell depends on you. To make it a personal protection spell you can urinate in the jar, however, if this sounds gross to you, you can pour consecrated wine instead. Spit into the bottle and then seal it.

At this point, I like to light my candle and ask the collective energy of the elements/God/Goddess to protect me, my home, and my family from harm’s way. To deflect negative energies and people and send them away from all that I hold close to my heart, I ask for protection from thieves, burglars, rapists, etc.

Now, use the candle wax that is coming from the candle as a means to seal the jar. Put as much wax as you feel necessary around the opening/closing of the jar. When it is adequately sealed and still drying, make a circle impression around where the jar seals. You can do this with something cool and round. Once that cools, draw a pentagram on the circle. Now, dig a three-foot hole in your yard, and drop the jar in. As you do this, imagine it’s deflective powers protecting you. Cover it in the dirt, and forget about it.

5. Meditate and Ground Yourself

Take the time to use this energy as a means of re-aligning your soul. Use a guided meditation for your Chakras to balance yourself mind, body, and soul, if you really want to take advantage of this energy. For an even better experience, do this outdoors directly underneath the moonlight if possible.

6. Use the Three Day Window of the Full Moon to Try Lucid Dreaming

If you have never been able to lucid dream, the full moon is a great window of time to give it another shot. For those who may not know, lucid dreaming is when a person becomes conscious of the fact that they are dreaming, and are able to control their dream. Since a full moon is technically a three-day event, you can try it the night before the peak of the full moon, and the night after.

Try these techniques to get started. (Follow the embedded link here.)

7. Enchant Something

Enchanting an object may sound like a term used off of an RPG video game to many, or like some fairy tale bullshit, but it is actually something magical that can be used to power up an object that would otherwise be magically useless. As an example, if you have a piece of jewelry that you love, you can enchant it.

To do this, you will need:

Quartz Crystal
Object to be Enchanted
A Small Pinch of Glitter
A Pentacle (You can draw one or make one from clay)
A Silver and Gold Candle

Light the candles, and invoke the power of the God and Goddess (gold and silver respectively) into each one. Take the quartz crystal and set it on the object. This will amplify the energy received. Now, set your purpose. What do you want the object to be enchanted with? Protection, intuition, healing, etc, are all good options.

For the sake of the spell, we will say intuition. Imagine that when you wear the object in the future, your intuition will be amplified. Sprinkle glitter on the object as you imagine this, and see the God and Goddess sending their energy to the object for this purpose. Lay the object on top of the pentacle and create a circle around it with candle drippings from the Gold and Silver candles. Leave the object beneath the full moon for the rest of the night and by the next day, it will be charged.

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