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For some reason, we tend to let toxic people far closer than we should. Instead of looking for the signs, we close our eyes to the bad things and only look at the few positives before us.

When someone close to you does nothing but hurt you time after time, you need to put distance between yourself and that person. Allowing that person or those people to continue to run a muck in your life doesn’t do you any good and never will. When you finally realize this and take the steps needed to change things, you will be much happier. 

Living a peaceful life is not possible with toxic people holding power over you and living within your inner circle. Below, I am going to go over some of the different kinds of toxic people you may find in this world and why those specific people are so terribly toxic. Just because you want someone in your life does not mean they deserve to be there, period.

7 Kinds Of Toxic People You Should Be Avoiding:

1. The Self-Destructor

Self-destructive behavior is very toxic. These kinds of people are always doing the most to hurt or make themselves seem like the victim. They never bother to take things into their own hands and own up to their mistakes. They expect everyone else to clean up the messes they make of their lives.

2. The Fibber 

Fibbers are basically liars. They never bother to tell the truth and love to withhold information. The more they can keep from you, the more power they feel they have over you.

3. The Over Dramatic Donna

There are some pretty dramatic people in this world, but when that dramatic side reaches a toxic level it can be quite devastating. These people are always making something huge out of something small and using things against others. They never just take things as they are, ever.

4. The Negative Nancy

This kind of toxic person is always overly negative. Nothing you do will ever be good enough for this kind of toxic person and the more you try to please them the more clear it will become that you cannot. They just always have something negative to say.

5. The Chronic Complainer

Complaining is something we all do, but some toxic people take it way too far. They are constantly finding things to complain about and as a result not getting much done. They always bring down the moods of everyone around them.

6. The Rule-Breaker

People who are ‘rule-breaking’ on a toxic level are basically those who think no rules apply to them. They do whatever they want whenever they want. Boundaries with this kind of person do not exist.

7. The Queen Of Gossip

This kind of toxic person is always going to have something to say about someone else. They use our insecurities against us and go out of their way to talk badly about us to others. The more we tell them the more they have to fuel the fire within.