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It is a known fact that empaths help other people, but it is also important for them to know how to protect themselves. They cannot keep helping others if they are too drained themselves.

As you may know, empaths are constantly taking in the energies around them, they absorb the positive and the negative that is radiating from the people around them. This kind of thing can be both good and bad. If an empath absorbs too much negativity he or she might become overwhelmed and in the end put his or her personal energy at risk.

When it comes to protecting their personal energies empaths need to be aware of the ways that they can become drained. They need to learn how to combat those things and how to give themselves a refreshing boost. Below I am going to go over some of the things all empaths need to know in regards. If you’re an empath please pay close attention.

7 Ways Empaths Can Work To Protect Their Personal Energies:

1. Set energetic boundaries

Do not let others just walk all over you. If you are feeling uncomfortable do not be upset over having to distance yourself. Energetic boundaries are important to have in place.

2. Practice earthing daily

Earthing and grounding are basically the same things. In doing this you are allowing yourself to be in nature. Walk barefoot and feel the dirt beneath your feet. Allow the sunlight or moonlight to really delve into your skin. Doing this will provide you with a sense of peace you might not have known you were missing.

3. Remember to release the negative energies

Stop holding onto all of the energies before you, if something is really affecting you let it go. Holding onto the negative will only block any room for the positive.

4. Remember self-care

As an empath you may often forget to take care of yourself, this is not a good thing. You need to take care of yourself so that you can continue to use your gifts for good in this world. If you ignore your own needs you won’t be able to do anything for anyone as time passes.

5. Cut ties with energy vampires

While you might not want to cut ties with these people, they cannot be helped. Energy vampires are taking more than they are giving and are doing more harm to you than you are good for them. Do not put yourself in this kind of situation, know when to walk away.

6. Carry black obsidian

This stone is a powerful protection stone. If you carry it with you, you will feel a difference. It will help to ward off some of the negative energies that plague you.

7. Tune into the positive

If you are becoming overwhelmed with the negative, tune into the positive! Give yourself room to change. The more obsessed you become with the bad side of things the more dangerous the energies before you will become.