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Love is not easy, it is something that you have to work for and really feed into each and every day. You can’t just be with someone and expect things to work, your presence alone is not enough.

While you might want love to be what it is in fairytales, it’s not. Those are not real and love takes a lot more effort. Sometimes it’s one-sided and sometimes it’s not enough to keep two people together. There are a lot of hard truths when it comes to love as a whole and the more we understand those hard truths the more we can grow. 

Below I am going to break these hard truths down and hopefully through learning these things you can come to terms with them on your own. I know, it’s hard but it’s worth taking the time to try. The more you work to understand these things the more capable you will become.

7 Hard Truths About Love:

1. Sometimes we love people who don’t love us.

Sometimes we fall for people who will never fall for us. Sometimes we let people close who are only going to use us. While we care for them, they do not care for us and we need to be aware of that. Not everyone around us has good intentions.

2. You have to be willing to love yourself above all else.

If you never love yourself how can you love someone else? We all need to learn how to love ourselves before we love someone else in that way. Romance is something that can wait, grow within before trying to grow toward another person.

3. Sometimes you will hate the person you love for a little while.

When we love someone things aren’t always as positive as we might want them to be. Sometimes you will hate your lover and wonder what it would be like to live differently. Sure, that hatred disappears quickly but it is present for a moment because after all, we’re only human.

4. Everyone deserves love.

Everyone deserves love, even the people you might not like. Sure, they may be jerks but to someone, they are everything whether you want to admit it or not. We all belong with someone else, as humans, we are social creatures. Even you are worthy of the love you so crave.

5. Love is not enough, not by itself.

Sometimes you can love someone with all of your heart and things still not work out. Just because you love one another doesn’t mean you’re a good match. In some cases, leaving one another is the right choice.

6. Love is not easy.

Nothing about love is easy. Love is complex and stressful. It can be amazing and it can also be a major pain.

7. You cannot make someone love you. 

Just because you care for someone doesn’t mean you can force them to care for you. You cannot make someone love you. It just doesn’t work that way.