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Old souls are souls that have visited this world many times. They have lived life after life and with each life, they learned more than most others could ever imagine.

There are tons of old souls roaming this planet in current times but most of them are not even aware of who or what they are. They feel as though they are different but they never bother to really delve into the unknown. If you are someone who doesn’t seem to fit in with anyone your age you may very well be an old soul as well.

Below you will find a list of things only true old souls will understand on a deep level. Sure, at face value anyone could ‘understand’ these things but most are not resonating with the true meaning within them. Are you resonating with the true meaning within them?

7 Things That Only Those Who Are True Old Souls Will Fully Understand:

1. There is a bigger picture to everything.

Old souls know that everything happens for a reason. They understand that even the worst situations are pushing towards something bigger. Everything is working towards the bigger picture. Can you actually see the bigger picture?

2. Nature brings peace.

Old souls love being in nature. Everything about the outside world besides civilization is comforting to them. They find peace in breathing in the air and getting their toes in the dirt.

3. People your age just don’t make much sense to you.

Old souls are far older within than you think. People their age are decades behind them and it shows. While they can still have friends their age most people just frustrate them.

4. Knowledge is the key to everything.

Old souls have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They want to learn all that they can and work hard to do so. To them, material things have no value. Without knowledge we truly have nothing.

5. Possibility is the only truly endless thing in this world.

No matter what there are always endless possibilities when you really think about it. This is something old souls are able to understand with ease. They see each and every possible outcome before the situation is even underway.

6. ‘Feeling’ is important.

Sure you may think that emotions and feelings matter but do you know to what extent? Old souls do, they have lived far too many lives to underestimate the power of raw emotion. It is one of the only certain things they know.

7. Alone time is necessary.

Old souls need their alone time. They want to be able to recharge and they cannot do that when surrounded by others. This is how they are able to continue on in this world.

Image via Veki