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We all know the stereotypical male, you know the one that sits in a corner while you shop, rushes you while you get ready to go, and rolls his eyes as you gossip with your friends. But what you don’t know, is that there is a lot of things that you do that your man really loves.

Men and women are different on so many levels, many might say that it is like they came from different planets. That is true, for the most part, but that is not always the case. He might act like a macho man out loud, but he really loves and wants to be a part of a lot of things you do.

Keeping up with appearances can really be exhausting. Men have always been raised to appear tough, while women get to indulge in the sappier side of life. However, not all men were created equal, and in fact, most men have a feminine side!

These are all the girly things that men wish they could (or are) doing!



Yes, it is true! Most men like to gossip. They might roll their eyes at you while you are gossiping with your friends, but when they are with theirs it is on! I mean come on, other people need to know about how silly their partner is.


He might rush you along, or sit in a corner while you are surrounded by piles of clothes, but in reality, most me like to go shopping! Shhhh… don’t tell!

Yummy Coffee Drinks


We all love a good macchiato every now and again, right? Men are not exempt! While he might grab a black coffee when he is with you when he makes his solo Starbuck’s runs it is Latte city man.

Romantic Comedies

Yes, men also like to watch the occasional romantic comedy. They might act as they hate it to your face, but inside they are secretly shedding a tear.



You might think your man hates to cuddle (and many really do), but from time to time they like to be the little spoon too. I mean, who doesn’t need a little love from time to time? Especially from the person they love.

Dramatic Eye Roll


You might think this is only for the ladies, but men are just as dramatic!

Facial Regimes

Come on men, be honest! The days of soap and water are over. These days most men use much more than just water. There is no modern man who doesn’t love a good facial cream or moisturizer.

And if we are being completely honest, you love to use her toiletries when she is not around. The bath soap and body lotion smell too good to pass up!

Happily Ever After

Yes, it is true, most men are after their happy ending. Even the biggest playboy wants to settle down one day with the girl of his dreams. He might not admit it to anyone, even himself but it is true.

Men, are you comfortable enough with your own sexuality to confess to some of these girly habits? Let us know in the comments section!