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Bluey is quite possibly one of the most popular kids shows in the world and for good reason, it shares a lovely message about family and also teaches good moral lessons. However, even in spite of this, not all Bluey episodes made the cut.

In fact, some were actually eliminated by American censors such as Disney, even though they were aired in Australia, where the show is based. It may sound odd for a children’s show to be censored, especially by Disney, nonetheless. With that said, there have been instances where Bluey was banned or censored. Here are 7 of those and why.

1. Fruit Bat

In the fruit bat, Blue plays with penguins in the bathroom. However, because Bluey slid around the room in the wet bathroom, it was feared that children may mock the behavior and end up harming themselves on accident.

2. Markets

Markets were censored because in the episode, the girls who are seeking out money end up finding a Unicorn. When Bluey finds out that only one of them can ride the unicorn and becomes disappointed. Later, the Unicorn poops on the grass, leaving the kids to run off screaming. Disney refused to air the episode.

3. Dad Baby

Dad Baby was actually banned because, in the episode, the topic is childbirth. In one episode, Bluey’s dad simulates child birth. So, the episode was banned.

4. Army

While the army was not banned or censored, it was altered. In the episode, Jack is depicted as a child with ADHD. In the original episode, Jack begins to notice this and says, “There’s something wrong with me.” This was changed to, “There’s something going on with me.”

5. Flat pack.

This episode goes pretty deep and even touched on the afterlife. However, because of a possible ‘racial’ slur against Aborigines, the episode was censored.

6. Perfect

In perfect, Bandit has a flashback of playing with a boomerang with Bluey. In the original version, they have a conversation about Bandit being neutered. By the time it reached the US, the theme had been changed to Bandit having his teeth removed.

7. Born Yesterday

In this episode, Bingo and Bluey teach Bandit how to swing. However, one of the girls causes him to get hit in the nether regions, and he screams out “My groin!” In the U.S. version, this part is omitted.