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Throughout our lives, we will be faced with moments that make us question our actions, our morals and our truth. And while we may change our ways time and time again, unless we are completely honest with ourselves, we will never get anywhere.

Life is full of mysteries and you will face lots of ups and downs but accepting the tough truths will make it a lot easier to move forward. Below I am going to go over some of the things that people tend to really struggle with. If you are going through a point in your life where everything seems to be against you, so remember these things and keep going. You will make it out stronger in the end.

7 Tough Truths About Life Everyone Struggles To Accept:

1. Being busy doesn’t always mean you’re being productive.

You can be extremely busy and still not getting anything done. Just because you are running around and unable to rest does not mean you are being productive. Being productive doesn’t mean you are overdoing yourself it just means you are accomplishing things. You can have one without the other, no problem.

2. Reality is full of imperfections.

While a lot of people strive to be perfect and live perfect lives we as humans are not perfect. Reality is literally full of imperfections because ‘perfect’ does not exist. Accepting the fact that perfection is not something we can attain will really help you find yourself. We are all perfectly imperfect.

3. We should not obsess over things we cannot change.

We are not able to change things from our past and because of this, we should not be obsessing over them. Obsessing over the things that we cannot change only makes us more stressed and upset. We have to learn how to move on and let go. Letting go is not as hard as we tend to think it is. Once you start letting things go, you will realize just how easy it really is.

4. There are no rewards without risks.

Everything that we do comes with risks. If you want to be rewarded you have to take risks. This goes hand in hand with there being consequences for all the things we do. If you do something bad, there will be consequences. Nothing is as simple as we want it to be.

5. We don’t always get what we give.

Sometimes we end up putting much more effort into other people and relationships than they end up putting into us. We do not always get what we give and we need to know when to cut ties. If you aren’t getting what you feel you need out of a relationship or other thing of the sort then you need to be aware of that.

6. We are not in control of anywhere near as much as we think.

In this life, we are not in control of much at all and we can never truly be in control of everything. There will always be things come up that we have to deal with and we will always face unexpected situations. Yo  u might think you are in control but the truth is, you never are.

7. Our expectations are often the source of our unhappiness.

We tend to set our expectations way higher than we should. This kind of thing is, for the most part, the source of our unhappiness. We aren’t sad because we are being let down, we are sad because we had unrealistic goals, to begin with. You cannot expect everything to be handed to you, sometimes you have to work hard and still end up with next to nothing. Life is not easy.

In the end, you will be able to get wherever you are going once all is said and done. Believing in yourself and pushing through the pain and struggles that life puts before you will not be easy but it will be worth it. Please never forget the things listed above.

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