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There are people in this world who are truly awakened, that much is obvious, but sadly there are not very many of those people. We for whatever reason have an abundance of those who want to pretend to be awake but still refuse to see the light.

Now, when it comes to telling these false gurus and so forth from the real thing you need to know where you are spiritually as well. If you are not centered in your being you will fall victim to those who merely wish to profit off of you. Below you will find a list of red flags that will help you determine whether or not someone is genuine in their practice.

7 Differences Between Those Who Pretend to be Awake and Those Who Truly Are:

1. Those who are true teachers know no two paths are the same.

Those who are true teachers are not going to push you to go down the path they did. They know that everyone has to make their own path. False teachers will give you a “become awakened quick scheme” and try to shove it down your throat. Have you ever heard “trust me if you do it this way you will become enlightened”? That is a bunch of bull.

2. Those who are true teachers live their best lives.

Those who are true teachers are happy and content with who they are and where they are. They know their purpose and do not complain or whine about things as false teachers do. They are more mature and grounded in life.

3. Those who are true teachers teach love and freedom on a real level.

True teachers don’t teach you that you have to stay by their side or ‘under their wing.’ They know you must go your own way if that is where your purpose takes you. True teachers are generous but will not be taken for granted. You can come and go as you please if you do as you are supposed to and respect them.

4. Those who are true teachers do not want all of your money.

False teachers will charge you a lot of money and give you little in return. They want all they can get and don’t care where you end up. They do not care about your spiritual journey because theirs is fake either way.

5. Those who are true teachers are willing to be criticized.

True teachers will not shut down or get mad when you criticize them. They know that even they are not perfect. We all have room to grow.

6. Those who are true teachers are not going to rush you through things.

True teachers know that everyone does things at their own pace. Some will become awake quicker than others. This is just how the universe works. Those who are false teachers will always be pushing you and trying to convince you that you are doing better than you actually are.

7. Those who are true teachers are not selfish or materialistic.

True teachers are willing to give of themselves to an extent like nothing else. Those who are false teachers are greedy, and they do not often help others as they should. True teachers will be there when they are needed, false teachers will ignore your calls.

(Image Via: Alex Grey)