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There is no doubt in my mind that spiritual energy is at play in the world, and nothing ever happens by chance or coincidence. And no one we meet comes down our path without reason.

You may have met someone before, and felt instantly connected to them. Or perhaps you had the sinking feeling deep within that you had met them before.

Each person we meet leaves an impact on us, whether it is slight or massive. And each of them could be considered a cosmic connection, as spirit unites all of us in one way or another. To my knowledge, there are seven specific types of connections, and they are listed below.

Those that bring us pain.

Throughout life, you will eventually encounter a person who harms you in some way. Before you experience this pain, your soul will have no true understanding of this deep, yet necessary emotion among the myriad that we encounter on our journey. 

Those that enlighten us.

While most of these won’t stay in your life very long, there are some people that we are meant to meet because they can teach us something we need to understand. Those that come to us for enlightenment will help our soul to evolve, and grow closer to true completion,

Those that teach us forgiveness.

In life, you will eventually reach a point that will push you to realize that holding grudges and anger will cause you nothing but stress and pain. This lesson comes in the form of a person, and it’s likely they will leave a major mark on your soul.

The ones that keep you on track.

There will be moments when you meet someone that will remind you to stay on track to accomplish your goals and build the life and soul you are trying to achieve.

The space holders.

While they won’t leave a lasting impact, the people you meet at random, and speak kindly to, and share interests with, those are your space holders. These are the interactions you make with someone you don’t know and won’t ever truly know, that teach you about humanity,

Those who push us to evolve.

Some connections will push us to reassess our goals, our priorities and our ambitions. Oftentimes, they come to us when we have none, and they push us to motivate and to take action. 

The ones that stay with us forever.

Few and far between, the ones that stay with us forever are quite rare; however, they are the ones that truly define the life we live. They can be friends, family or lovers.