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When it comes to relationships a lot of things can go wrong and while some of those things should be overlooked, not all of them should. We have to be aware of what issues should be addressed and which battles are not worth fighting if we really want things to work.

Sometimes the problems growing between ourselves and those we care about can be a lot easier to resolve than we are aware of but if we never stop to even try, things will go downhill quickly. Below I am going to go over some of the common relationship problems that many people have but also for some reason many refuse to deal with. These are problems that should never go unchecked or ignored. The more you allow them to be present in your romantic life the further away from your partner you will become.

7 Common Relationship Problems That Should Never Be Ignored:

1. Being closed off from one another’s feelings.

When it comes to dating if you and your partner are unable to connect on an emotional level things are not going to go over well. You have to be able to tell when something is bothering one of the two of you. Picking up in these cues is an important part of actually being together and while it takes time, you should be working on it not ignoring it.

2. One person being stuck with all of the chores.

When one person gets stuck doing everything as far as household chores go they also end up feeling unappreciated and without help. Sure, splitting things up might not be ideal but it really makes a difference. We all want to feel like an effort is being put forth when it comes to this kind of thing.

3. A lack of personal space/proper boundaries.

Sure, you might want to be close at the beginning of things but as time passes proper boundaries and personal space need to be established. We all need time to ourselves and if you’re not getting that your relationship is most likely suffering as a result. We are our own people, and we live our own lives.

4. Being too stuck on the negative side of things.

The more stuck on the negative things we become the more unable to see the positive we are. When you find yourself stuck thinking about all the bad things in your relationship weighing out the pros and cons is necessary. Is this relationship actually even worth staying in?

5. Being unable to properly resolve conflicts.

Sure, there will be some arguments you have to walk away from but overall you and your partner need to be able to sit down and talk through the things you’re facing. Resolving conflicts is crucial to remaining together more properly. You can’t just hope for the issue to fix itself, things just don’t work that way.

6. Being overly dependent on one another.

While we should depend on one another for some things being too dependent on one another can be a bit of a burden. We should be capable of living our lives without one another all the while choosing to be together. We shouldn’t close ourselves off just because we find love.

7. Refusal to own up to wrongdoings/put forth the effort to properly apologize.

When someone we’re with refuses to put forth an effort to make his or her wrongdoing right, you need to talk things out and see where to go from there. No one likes to take responsibility for things they haven’t done and if he or she is forcing you into that, change is needed. Again, we are our own people, and we all make our own mistakes.