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While there are 12 zodiac signs some of them are much colder than the rest. Out of the 12, there are 7 that really stand out when it comes to being as closed off as possible.

If you happen to know someone from one of these signs you know exactly how cold they can be. These signs are a bit narcissistic and sometimes refuse to express themselves properly. They put on a good show and rarely allow others to see them for who they really are. While you can get them to let their guards down, it takes a lot of effort.


The Taurus is not going to allow someone in who has not proved his or her worth. The Taurus is going to hold his or her own until someone who is able to provide them with the respect and stability they need comes forth. Right off the bat, they are going to be quite critical of you and all you offer them.


The Leo is going to allow you in but not close enough to touch. He or she will watch you from afar and refuse to show you any real side of his or herself until he or she knows that you can be trusted. You must prove yourself to the Leo if you want to stick around otherwise he or she will cut ties and add someone else into the mix.


The Virgo is always going to be willing to say things that will cut you down. He or she is going to make you feel like you’re not good enough to be in his or her presence and, to be honest, until you prove otherwise that is exactly what the Virgo thinks. If you aren’t able to read them properly they will tear you apart. Virgos keep their emotional side locked away.


The Scorpio is known to be a bit hostile at times. He or she is not quick to open up, ever. You have to watch out for this sign as those born of it are quite manipulative and usually, know exactly when to act. They keep a lot of secrets and if you ever betray them, they will never forget it.


The Sagittarius is super closed off and always looking to run away. He or she is the kind of person that can and will leave without notice. Because Sagittarius’ are very self-centered, they are hard to pin down. You, for the most part, will have to work very hard to get close to them and even harder to be a permanent part of their lives.


The Aquarius is a very emotional sign even though you might not see this side of them. They hide their feelings away and when upset refuse to acknowledge it. You won’t know when you’ve done something wrong unless you really pay close attention. They will simply ignore you and find someone else to spend their time with. Resolving issues is not their strongest point.


The Pisces is very patient and creative, but they are also not the kind of person who wants to spend a lot of time with others. Getting close to the Pisces is a very serious task. You have to find something they love and grow together through it. If you don’t have anything in common with them chances are they’re not going to give you the time of day.

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