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Nothing will ever hit you quite like the loss of a close friend, loved family member, or cherished family friend. And while our loved ones do move on, I firmly believe that when they reach the other side, they are still able to communicate with us.

If you’ve ever felt like someone was around you or had a dream in which the person who had passed appeared, and it felt like much more than a dream, it’s likely that you have an inkling of what I mean when I say this. Just because someone has passed on, does not mean they have left you entirely. I refuse to believe otherwise because I have had experiences that have shown me that there most definitely is something else out there.

With that being said, if you have gotten the sense recently that your loved one is still with you, here are the signs that what you are feeling is on the right track.

1. Things get moved around.

For no good reason at all, you notice things moved around. It could be your hairbrush, and you are certain you haven’t touched it. Or, perhaps the television comes on, and it’s on a channel that reminds you of them. You may even notice doors or windows open that are unexplainable.

2. You smell their cologne/perfume.

Right after my grandfather had passed on, I smelled his cologne in my living room. There was no other explanation, and it smelled EXACTLY like him. And I could feel like there was someone at home with me even though I was alone. I am now certain that it was him, telling me goodbye.

3. Their favorite song comes on, and you are thinking about them.

When you are sitting around, and they cross your mind, strange coincidences happen. You may be riding down the road, crying your eyes out thinking about them, and the next, a song comes on that reminds you of them.

4. You see their favorite bird or flower in a place it wouldn’t usually be.

You suddenly notice their favorite flower in a park that you frequent that has never grown their flower before. Or, you may notice a butterfly fluttering around on your porch after your great-grandmother told you that if she came back, she would come back as a butterfly. In some cases, you may notice their favorite bird, completely out of its own element.

5. You hear them call your name.

When you are walking through your house, you can sometimes hear them call your name. No one else is around, and it’s not really very clear. But you know that it was your name, and it sounds like the voice of your loved one that passed on.

6. You dream of them.

At night, you dream of them. And it’s not just a memory dream or anything like that, they are seriously trying to give you a sign or talk to you in a way that only they could.

7. You feel like you are being watched.

After your loved one has passed, you suddenly feel as though you are being watched. You don’t feel threatened though, but you can certainly feel eyes on you.