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We always hear quotes like “Just be nice,” “Be kind,” etc, and while we all know we should be kind, it might be nice to hear a reminder of why. There are so many benefits of being kind, and I am going to go over 7 below.

It’s easy to get overstimulated in modern times. It is also easy to get triggered by someone who is being unkind. Kindness isn’t necessarily a popular stance anymore. With that said, the next time someone is rude or hateful to you or says something that rubs you the wrong way, try to remember that being a jerk can drag your health down the toilet. On the contrary, being kind can not only add years to your life, but can also help you to lead a better life.

1. People like you more.

People remember how you make them feel more than anything. If you make someone feel warm, seen, and noticed, they will remember that. Even better, it’s likely that your kindness may be carried forward because they might be kinder if someone is kinder to them.

2. It will help you to maintain a positive mindset.

When your mind is geared towards kindness, you are implementing positivity into your skillset. Every time you choose kindness over cruelty or callousness, you are paving new highways in your brain, and positive ones to boot.

3. It’s a great skill for work/business.

While it will benefit your personal life greatly, kindness is a skill that goes beyond that. Think about it: if you are a business owner, and you want customers, you need to be kind. if you want a job that involves people, if your demeanor is shut off, rude or callous, people can tell.

4. Stress doesn’t affect you much.

According to a 2007 study, kinder people have less cortisol, which means that stress isn’t so stressful. Those who were made to express kindness were far more likely to be able to handle major stress later on.

5. You will be kinder to yourself.

Kindness isn’t just an act, it’s a vibe. When you are kind to others, you will also be kinder to yourself.

6. It benefits your immune system.

Being unkind is linked to stress. Stress depletes our immune system, so choosing kindness benefits your immunity.

7. You sleep better.

Sleep is so beneficial, but when we have high levels of cortisol, our sleep suffers. If you choose kindness and your cortisol levels are lower, you will sleep better. In turn, your entire well-being with thank you for it.