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Have you ever met someone so toxic you could sense it as soon as they walked into the room, however, you doubted yourself because you couldn’t tell for sure? Then, you awaited for them to show themselves, patiently, up to the moment that you almost stopped believing they were toxic, only for them to prove it- just like you had awaited.

As time progresses, more and more of us are becoming aware of what self-care is, and as this happens, we are learning more about what toxic people are made of and how important it is to let them go. But as this happens, there is a lot of misinformation flooding the internet, leading us to jump to conclusions and assume the worst about some of the best people.

So, before you decide someone is toxic, check out these sure-fire signs.

1. They want you to prove yourself.

Quite similar to the narcissist, toxic people believe that their friends and close family should prove their worth. So, in order to be in their life, you will have to let go of something that matters to you, so they will keep you around. Don’t buy into it, and go ahead and let them go.

2. They are the world’s best manipulators.

Extremely selfish in nature, the most toxic of people are those that attempt to control everyone. To them, you are merely a pawn that can be bent to their will, and that is just the way it is.

3. They like to rain on your parade.

Have you ever came to a friend with good news, only to have them respond in a way that makes you feel bad about your success? These are the people you should steer clear of. True friends, and good-hearted people celebrate success with you, instead of working against you.

4. Instead of taking responsibility, they throw the ball back in your field.

When someone has done something wrong to you, they should respond in a way that accepts responsibility for their actions. Instead, toxic people will respond by pointing to your flaws. Don’t allow this.

5. And they are judgmental.

While we all have a tendency to judge from time to time, toxic people are constantly judging others. If you notice a friend who is constantly speaking badly of others, and trying to manipulate their feelings about other people, they are most likely toxic.

6. They LOVE attention.

People who are toxic constantly seek attention. If you are hanging out in a group setting, and notice a friend is always trying to get the attention of the entire group, you may need to rethink their behaviors.

7. Everything they say, is a hyperbole.

Do you know someone who exaggerates everything? Dramatic efforts to make something seem exponentially worse or better than it truly is, is a major trait of a toxic personality.