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Everything within our universe and within our bodies is composed of energy, and thus, we have an energetic field that surrounds us, depicting how strong the energy is that runs within. However, due to day-to-day life, we often weaken our fields, without making it a habit of replacing what is lost.

This can leave us feeling fatigued, without energy, and without purpose. It can make us feel depressed, and also, it can make us more vulnerable to psychic attack. In turn, our quality of life will lessen, and so too will our health. And many of the things which leave us weak are bad habits we could avoid, and replace with healthier habits.

1. Drug/Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol and drugs deplete our natural resources in the body, and also deplete our energetic fields. It can cause us to feel weakened, anxious, angry, and depressed. Try replacing alcohol with a natural fruit and vegetable juice filled with antioxidants.

2. Social media addiction

In modern times, it’s normal to stay glued to your phone, while scrolling through funny memes and videos. And while a little bit won’t hurt, staying on your phone will eventually also deprive your energetic field from flourishing, and leave you feeling less than human. Replace social media with brain puzzles, coloring, writing, and spending time in nature.

3. Bad sleeping habits.

When we sleep too much or too little, it effects our energetic field. It can lead to disease, high levels of anxiety, and an energy field that is depleted. Try aiming for 7-9 hours each night and set your alarm to be sure.

4. Eating high amounts of sugars/chemicals.

Diets high in bad fats and sugars not only damage our minds, bodies and souls with disease, it can also cause us to have weakened energy fields. Protect yourself by balancing your diet, and by eating plenty of good fat, protein, and fiber.

5. Staying indoors too much.

We live in a growing introverted world. While there is nothing wrong with spending time at home, alone, we need to also be getting sunshine and connecting with nature. Try to aim for an hour long walk outside when you can.

6. Watching too much television.

We always heard the old adage ‘don’t sit too close to the television or you will go blind.’ Well, I am telling you, don’t watch too much television, or your energetic body will suffer. Feed it, instead, by reading a good book.

7. We think negative thoughts.

We can’t be all sunshine and rainbows, however, it is necessary to also make sure we aren’t simply feeding our soul negativity constantly. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and strive for mindful meditation.