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On December 12th there will be a full moon and with this, we are all going to be facing new energies. For some these energies will be quite positive and for others, they will be the opposite.

If you’re currently feeling as though you’ve been run through the gutter and your relationships are suffering, as a result, you might be picking up on the energies before us. The more these energies work for you the more you’re going to feel as though you’re being dragged down if you are one of the following signs. The signs below are the ones that during this full moon will be facing some of the harder energies to come to terms with. That being said, in the long-run, there are serious benefits that will present themselves if you remain strong.


This full moon is going to have you realizing just how neglectful you’ve been towards the people in your life. You throw yourself into your work to the point where you’re unable to really work through the issues that stem forth in your personal life. Realizing this before it is too late is crucial but chances are things will play out in a way that leaves you with a broken heart this time around.


This full moon is going to highlight parts of your life that you’ve been struggling to get through. Money is something you in recent times cannot seem to get enough of and as the days pass you are becoming more and more stressed. Making adjustments and coming to terms with what needs to be done is the only way to see real change during this time. Do not ignore the things before you.


This full moon is going to have you feeling as though you are being pulled in several different directions. Rather than wasting your time on the toxic people of your past perhaps you should look for someone new. If you give in to those who are coming forth and trying to get back into your life, you’re going to set yourself up to fail yet again.


This full moon is not going to do you any favors. It is for you going to be all about tough love. There is a lesson before you that needs to be learned and the people in your life are going to make sure you learn it. Stop closing yourself off when things don’t go your way. This world does not revolve around you.


This full moon is going to have you feeling as though balance is coming your way. You’re going to be taking small steps in the right direction but also having to fight the whole way through. Your mind is going to be your own worst enemy right now, the more you ignore your truest thoughts the worse off you’re going to feel. Focus on your mental health and emotional state if you need to, the energetic world can stir some serious things up within us.


This full moon is going to be one that leaves you questioning where to go from here. While usually, you have everything planned out it seems your own path is being swept right out from under your feet. Listen to your inner voice and don’t hesitate to ask for help, you are really going to need it.