When it comes to why those born under each zodiac sign do the things they do, looking to their signs for answers is a great idea. While not everyone is as true to their zodiac signs as you’d expect them to be some seem like a book made up of the same things.

If you feel like someone is shutting you out for what might seem like no reason in your mind you might need to consider the astrological side of things. Below I am going to go over the zodiac signs that tend to cut people out the most and why they tend to do-so. These signs are very hard to stay close to.

6 Zodiac Signs That Are Quick To Shut Other People Out:


When an Aires lets someone into their life they do-so assuming that things will remain as they have been but once change sets in they cut ties. They do not like to surround themselves with people who slow down once they get comfortable. You have to really fight to continue to put forth the same efforts you would have in the beginning if you want to remain in their lives. 


Taurus people are easy to get along with and usually, they love being around friends as well as family. That being said, if you get close to them they’re going to hold you to higher expectations than they do the other people in their lives. They might give you a lot of chances but once they see that you’re not willing to really commit or prove your loyalty they won’t waste any more of their time on you.


Leos are usually very fun to be around and love meeting new people but if you prove to be any kind of real competition for them they won’t keep you around. They don’t want to be surrounded by people who can and will outdo them. They want people near who will really shine that spotlight on them.


Scorpio people do not give many chances. When you find yourself close to someone of this sign you have to really pay close attention to the things you do. If you hurt them whether you intend to or not, there usually is not fixing things.


Sagittarius people are very flighty and while they will seem infatuated by someone for some time, that never lasts. The closer you get to them the more bored they end up. These kinds of people cut ties and move on because they feel like it.


Aquarius people are usually pretty reserved and closed off. You have to prove yourself to them before they will truly let you in and once that has happened things might seem great overall but if you make them feel like they’re not being taken seriously they will jump ship. They need you to acknowledge all the bad things you do if and when you do them. The more you pretend everything is fine the more they will withdraw from you.

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