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The new moon to come is going to have a lot in store for each of us. While some will be struggling there will also be a lot of signs gaining a lot of benefits.

This new moon is going to occur on December the 7th and will be in Sagittarius. During this time we will all be driven to really gain as much power as we can and because of this irritation is bound to come forth. That being said, we are going to be questioning a lot of things within our lives and really making changes that we feel need to be made.

This new moon is going to be a fresh start and really bring something new to the table for many signs of the zodiac. Remain as optimistic as you can during this time and embrace all that is to come. Below I am going to go over the signs that should be most excited for the new moon that is on its way. If you made this list, keep an open mind and see where these energies take you.


This new moon is going to have you really putting yourself out there more-so than usual. You are about to experience something truly amazing and it could be quite lucky in itself. Do not hesitate to take risks during this time, they might really end up paying off. Allow yourself to find stability through being completely unstable at least for a moment.


This new moon might not be as intense for you as it will be for others but it will be a moment for you to relax. During this new moon, you are going to be the most at ease. You will be sitting back and letting everyone else run around. This will be a short period in which you get to finally take a break.


Your ego is going to be really dissolving during this new moon. While you normally have your guard up and hold yourself way up high you will not be doing that as the weeks following this new moon pass by. You have in recent times really been letting yourself become overloaded and this new moon is finally a point that is going to release all of that baggage you’ve been carrying.

During this time remember that even the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. If you remain confident but also allow your walls to come down, you will be seeing something amazing happening before your eyes. There is a lot headed your way.


While you will be feeling a bit out of place and frustrated this new moon is going to really warm your heart. You are going to be reaching a goal you have been working towards for quite some time without even realizing it. As someone that has been growing a lot in the previous months, you really deserve all that is to come.


This new moon is going to have you feeling very upbeat and on top of the world. You will during this time be really projecting more of your personal energies outward and because of this, the people around you will also be in a better mood than usual. As long as you allow yourself to go with the flow something overly positive will be making its way towards you.

During this time you will be losing track of yourself in ways that you have not before. The spotlight won’t be as important to you and you will be learning more about the people who care about you the most. Give what you want to get and see what this new moon offers you in the end.


Because this new moon is in your sign you are going to be feeling the best out of all the signs. While you have been stressed for a while now you are going to be finally letting go of the things that have been bothering you. This new moon is a chance for you to take on a new perspective. Remain as optimistic as possible during this time and see what happens.

Good news is well on its way and you are going to be in a great mood in the weeks following this new moon. You will finally be able to get down to business and figure out where you want to go from here. Who knows, maybe you will be taking a romantic relationship of some kind to the next level.

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