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While there are good things to come for all zodiac signs, these 6 are truly going to be benefiting big time in 2019. So, if your 2018 was full of struggle, keep reading. Who knows? You might end up being on this list!

If you aren’t on this list don’t worry, it doesn’t mean 2019 is going to be hell for you. It just means that it won’t be as fantastic for you as it will for the six listed. Feel free to take a look below to see if you are one of the lucky signs.

6 Zodiac Signs With Great Things Coming in 2019:


While this past year has been quite depressing, your 2019 is going to be much more full of life. You will be getting out of the house and breaking out of the shell you have made for yourself. Stop holding yourself back, you were meant to do great things. Your future is much brighter than you think.


While you have cut ties with some pretty special people in more recent months your year to come will be amazing. You are going to meet someone who will change your life. Don’t worry about things from the past, focus on your future.


Calm down, let go of any anger you have been holding onto. This year is going to be full of passion and a sense of peace you have not felt in so long. You will be moving up at work in an unexpected way, do your best and you will be rewarded.


You don’t have to worry so much about your appearance or where you are headed in life. Take some time to relax. Just be yourself, you are doing just fine. This year is going to be full of new experiences and everything is going to change for the better.


You are going to settle down in ways you never thought you would this year. While the beginning is going to be a bit odd, everything will make sense soon. Don’t let things overwhelm you, just because you haven’t felt this before does not mean you should run from it.


You are going to find something special as this year continues on. This could come in the form of a relationship or financial gain. Don’t worry about which, you will know in time. Be open and ready to receive whatever it is that is heading your way.

Was your sign on the list? Mine was and I cannot wait to see what it plays out for me. Where do you think 2019 is going to take you?