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When we go through a toxic relationship it can and will take a lot out of us, however, we gain much more through becoming strong enough to leave than we tend to stop and give ourselves credit for. If you’re someone who has come out of a toxic situation regardless of the things going on, you have grown and will continue to grow in lots of different ways.

Below I am going to go over some of the things we find in ourselves and ways in which we change after we become strong enough to leave someone who was doing us wrong. These things are not ever going to leave our sides and will remain true to our souls for as long as we are a part of this Earth. We become stronger each day and with that find more than just ourselves.

6 Ways You Grow After A Toxic Relationship:

1. You begin relying on yourself above all else.

You as someone who has had to give up everything at one point or another know how important it is to be self-reliant. You don’t let other people do for you and always make sure you’re the one taking care of yourself. While a partnership is ideal, you are not waiting around for one.

2. You become more willing to move forward in life.

You when finally able to overcome a toxic relationship don’t get flung backward but instead move forward. You begin seeing how positive the future is and remain in that mindset for as long as you cultivate it. Through overcoming the past you begin to truly see the future.

3. You are able to spot toxic people much easier.

When you’ve experienced it firsthand you begin to get a good eye for toxicity. When someone who has bad intentions comes forth, you can tell. No one can get anything over on you. Their bad attitude and negativity is something that seeps forward even if they’re trying to hide it.

4. You cultivate positivity and refuse to dwell on the past.

You finally become able to grow in positive ways. You stop allowing your mind to force you back into the negative moments of the past. When it comes to being out of that situation and able to feel free you begin to see the world in a new light and that light never goes out.

5. You learn how to let go.

Because you’ve been through something that most others end up stuck in, you are able to really move on. You are able to finally let go of things that others struggle with, while it might not seem like much this is a huge feat. Instead of allowing the pain that you’ve gone through to hide away inside of you, you release it and grow.

6. You stop allowing people to disrespect you.

You are not going to put up with the things you have before in the future. You know your worth and refuse to allow anyone to disrespect you. Being able to put your foot down in this manner is something you never realized you would be capable of but truly enjoy every moment now.