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Some people you meet in your day-to-day life will turn out to be some of the best friends you could ever imagine but not all of them will. In this life, we all are offered both good and bad friends but sometimes we confuse the two.

However, trying to work out whether your friends are good friends or bad friends isn’t as complicated as we might make it out to be. Bad friends send off some prominent red flags and good ones always have our backs. It’s not that hard to pick between the two if you’re sure of what you need to be looking for in regards. 

Below I am going to go over some of the more prominent ways through which you can see exactly who your real friends are and who will jump ship when things get tough. You should not be letting bad friends hold space in your life. Surround yourself with people who want to help you grow not people who want to hold you back.

6 Ways To Determine If Your Friends Are Good Or Bad:

1. They never come around unless they want something if they’re bad friends.

When someone is a bad friend a lot of the time they’re not going to want to spend time with you unless they can gain something through it. They want to be around you but only when they can get you to do something for them or other things of the sort. If you invite them over to just hang out, they will almost always turn you down.

2. They never offer you any kind of real support if they’re bad friends.

Bad friends aren’t going to be there when you need someone to talk to. You might be suffering and really need a shoulder to cry on but that doesn’t mean they’re going to hear you out. They will ignore you when you’re at your worst and mooch off of you when you’re at your best.

3. They want to help you be the best version of yourself if they’re good friends.

Good friends will be there for you in ways others would never. They want you to be a better version of who you are. The more you grow the prouder of you they become. They truly want to see you doing well.

4. They actually do the things they say they will if they’re good friends.

When you have good friends they will always follow through. They won’t make you think they’re going to do something and never follow through. If they make a promise they always get things done, period.

5. They treat you as if they’re better than you are if they’re bad friends.

Bad friends will see themselves as more than you versus being on the same level. Good friends know you’re both just human beings and that you’re both growing in your own ways. Bad friends will go out of their way to make you feel like you’re less than them when in reality that’s not the case at all.

6. They accept you as you are if they’re good friends.

Good friends will not try to change you. They will accept you as you are and help you along the way. You never want to be friends with people who basically hate who you are as a person.