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In this world, all too often we end up taking the things that other people say and do far too personally. Sure, they might not mean anything by what they’re doing or saying, but we aren’t always aware of that.

Yes, sometimes there are people who have bad intentions or people who seek to hurt us but not everyone is that way. There are moments when we take something to heart that was never meant to upset us in the first place. While we cannot entirely avoid this, we can work to better understand it so that we’re not always getting worked up over the small things, right?

Below I am going to go over some tips that have helped me throughout the years and should be able to help you as well. When it comes to taking things personally, you should really keep these tips in mind. They can help prevent overreactions and things of that nature.

6 Tips That Will Help You Stop Taking Things Too Personally:

1. Set proper boundaries in your life.

We all need boundaries. Boundaries help protect us when people seek to hurt us overall. The more aware you are of your boundaries and the more you reinforce them the less others will be able to get to you.

2. Work on your self-esteem as best you can.

When you hate yourself, you’re much more likely to take things you shouldn’t take to heart far too deeply. If you know your worth and are happy with yourself you’re much more likely to see things as they are. Do not let your own negative thoughts make you feel some type of way about a person in your life.

3. Be more open and honest with yourself and others.

Sometimes communication is the best way to clear things up. Be willing to talk through the things you think might be going on. If you feel like something was meant a specific way, ask.

4. Stop reading too deeply into things.

You can’t always assume the worst in everyone. Stop being a Debbie Downer. Sometimes people say things that could mean something deeper but don’t. Learn to take some things at face value.

5. Let go of the past.

The past should not define you. You should not allow one situation to turn you on everyone who has something similar happen. Just because one person hurt you doesn’t mean everyone will.

6. Stop assuming that everyone else is perfect.

No one on this planet is perfect. We all make mistakes and that even includes you and me. Learn to be more accepting of the flaws others have as they are in regard to your own flaws.