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Relationships can be far more stressful than we would like for them to be. Thinking too much can and will ruin everything if you let it.

Relationship anxiety is pretty common, and far more common than you would assume. While it is not fun at all, it is perfectly normal. It is more common in people who worry more than others, to begin with, but again, anyone can come down with a case of relationship anxiety. When it comes to overcoming it you won’t be able to completely rid yourself of it overnight.

Relationship anxiety can be caused by relationship problems/struggles or even our own insecurities being projected onto our relationships. Regardless of the cause it can be the driving force behind a serious breakup. Being anxious in a relationship does, however, show you care and you as well as your partner should remember that.

Below you will find a list of things that will help you overcome your relationship anxiety. Remember, take baby steps. Things aren’t going to become perfect overnight but as you build trust things will being to relax.

6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Relationship Anxiety:

1. Talk about your anxiety with your partner.

Talking things out with your partner can either resolve the problem or make it worse. If all it does is make things worse, your relationship might not be worth it in the first place. You need to be able to really get things out and come to some kind of understanding.

2. Stop jumping to conclusions about things.

Quit letting everything get to you. Jumping to conclusions is not doing you any good. Either talk things out or let it go.

3. Stop over analyzing things.

Try your best to keep your mind on other things. Your mind is getting the best of you and it is something you will need to work on. Learn to just let things happen as they do.

4. Know that you cannot control everything.

Just because you want to know what is going on constantly does not mean that you can. There are some things in life that we simply cannot control. You need to accept this.

5. Question the relationship and think things over thoroughly one good time.

If you are dealing with an intense amount of relationship anxiety you need to stop for a minute and really think things through. Is this relationship worth the anxiety you feel? Is your partner doing something he or she should not be doing? Where is this anxiety stemming from?

6. Take a step back and relax.

Really let go and relax. Getting worked up over nothing is not healthy. You do not need to force yourself to take on too much be it relationship wise or not.

There is a lot more to it than you would think that there would be. Be aware of what is happening to you and what might be happening to your partner. There is a pattern here, we can make the changes that we need to make. Don’t let your anxiety sabotage your relationship.

Image via Katie Joye Crawford