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The Lion’s Gate portal has been opening since July 26th, and as of yesterday, it is at full peak. During this time, the veil between the physical and the spiritual is at its thinnest, allowing for more powerful magic workings and divination.

Even a simple spell, such as saying a mantra or meditation by candle light could bring about major change and transformation in your life.

As the Earth aligns with Sirius (a major part of the Cancer constellation) and also the second most brilliant star in the sky, it is thought that we are aligning with our spiritual sun, which rules over the spiritual aspect of our being. According to them, Sirius was a spiritual paradise or heaven of sorts and was home to a variety of souls that have passed or were on a higher dimension.

To them, when we aligned with this, we were closer to that energy than ever before, and while it may be easy to brush off if you haven’t been feeling the effect of the Lion’s Gate portal, are you even human? With that being said, if you have missed opportunity after opportunity to utilize a celestial event or astrological energy- you don’t want to miss this!

Here are 6 ways to manifest during the Lion’s Gate portal:

1. Practice a mini-ritual.

Get a candle, a crystal, a bowl of salt, a bowl of water, and some insence or sage. Use a compass to map out N, E, S, and West. Set an Earth representational element at North, a fire at South, an Air at East, and water at West.

Beginning in the North going to the East, and then so on, grab the salt and walk to the East sprinkling the salt all the way, and light the incense. Continue sprinkling salt making a circle. Carry it with you to the next one- the south, and light the candle with the still lit incense. Set the incense down, pick up the candle and carry it to West. Pick up water, sprinkle salt in the water bowl. At each point say “In the direction of the North, the element of Earth, I call upon the element of Earth, hear my call.

Then to the East, repeat for east/air.

Once you have reached North again, imagine a big circle formed in your midst. Sit in the middle with a candle and a sheet of paper. Write down your biggest goal/dream. Next, to it, write down 3 things you can do to make it happen. Imagine yourself taking the steps and making the goal happen. Truly see it happening before your eyes. Fold the paper. Set a bayleaf inside the note, with a small quartz crystal & drizzle candle wax until a seal forms. Smoosh it, and carve a star in the wax.

Set the note on your desk, or altar, or spiritual space. Take a wand, and counter clockwise, tear your circle down.

2. Use divination.

Get some tarot cards, tea leaves, runes, wax drippings, or playing cards, and learn enough to do a reading. Use the reading to chart your life path. Pray to your higher power, and whatever is on your path that you don’t like – recreate it.

3. Use guided meditation.

Find a simple guided meditation. Apps like Aura are wonderful for this and even YouTube. I suggest a good chakra balancing meditation is perfect to heal mind, body, and soul.

4. Heal your body with crystals.

Find a stone that calls out to your soul. Now, sit with it, and imagine it telling you it’s a purpose. Will it heal you, will it bring you prosperity? What is its goal? Now, imagine it charging like a phone battery to serve your intent. Then, place it wherever it will work best. For example, if I chose citrine and it tells me abundance – I’d put it in my wallet. Meditate with it daily.

5. Cleanse your mind, body, and soul.

Sage your house. Drink cleansing tea. Do a television/ phone detox for 12 hours. Stay away from toxic people.
Workout until you sweat profusely.
Drink tons of water. Do everything you can to cleanse.

6. Create a manifestation charm.

Set a goal. Either more money, more love, a new job, more positive energy, or more success. Choose your herbs, oil, candle color around that goal. For love, you’d use a pink candle, honey, for oil, rosemary, etc.

You’ll need:

a small jar
a candle
herbs for your purpose
glitter (cause magic)
essential oil for the purpose
a piece of paper

How To:

Fill the jar with herbs, glitter, oil, and leave room for a ‘message in a bottle.’ Draw a sigil on it. For extra points, you can dip the paper in your urine, or even give yourself a paper cut. Roll it up and place it in the jar, seal the jar, and imagine the jar fulfilling its purpose. Wear until it happens!