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Children are brand new, they are still learning their way, their brain is developing, and calming down isn’t always easy. As parents, we are supposed to help coach them through their emotions, which isn’t always the easiest.

Think about it: many adults even have a hard time calming themselves down. Now, imagine being a tiny human who has yet to even know what emotions are, let alone manage them. While it may seem daunting to help them to manage those big emotions, like anger, some very helpful and creative techniques can help make it much easier. Here are 6 creative ways to help calm a child down.

1. Use visualization.

A visualization is a powerful tool that is used around the world, by many people. Research has even shown how powerful it can be. Many athletes, spiritual coaches, psychologists, and even quantum physicists have realized the power of visualization. When your child is upset, have them close their eyes and picture a calm place. You can even guide them by asking them what they see, what colors are present, where they are, what it smells like, and how they feel.

2. Sing.

Music is therapeutic, there is no doubt about that. When your little one is upset, start singing. Encourage them to join in and you can even use actual music on the radio.

3. Distract them.

Kids have very short attention spans, so distracting them is so easy. While it may not always work, if your child is upset, redirect their attention to another activity.

4. Do yoga.

Yoga is such a powerful tool for calming down and managing emotions. One pose, in particular, the downward-facing dog is very helpful because it resets the automatic nervous system. You can also do other inversion poses. Anything that is an inversion pose will be so helpful.

5. Go for a walk.

Nature has calming properties that are undeniable. If your little one is feeling overwhelmed, take them away from the situation and to the park or on a walk around the block.

6. Listen to soothing music.

As I said above, music is therapeutic. Singing and dancing is one way to enjoy it and calm down, but also, there is something to be said about calming music. Turn on some classical tunes, or whatever is calming for you and your little one.