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Have you ever felt out of place for no apparent reason or as if nothing seemed to be going right? This could mean you are being psychically attacked and you need to know how to combat these things.

If you think negative thoughts or psychic attacks are being pushed onto you then you need to do something about them. While you cannot stop them from happening, you can keep them from controlling your life. These things come from others and are often unintentional. You see, when someone is jealous of you or even doesn’t like you the things they put out into this world have more power than they realize. Below you will find a list of things that can and will help you when these situations arise.

6 Things to Do When You Feel Psychic Attacks Heading Your Way:

1. Practice white light meditation.

This is a pretty popular practice. During meditation imagine a white light at your solar plexus chakra point and allow it to expand ever so gently. With each breath, it will grow brighter. Once it expands beyond the borders of your body you will begin to notice a difference. Think of this as a means of clearing away the negative feelings attacking your body.

2. Burn some sage.

This is known as smudging. I suggest using white sage as it is the most easily accessible and will do the job. Cleanse your person and your home. This will rid you of any negativity that may have been lingering.

3. Carry protective crystals on your person.

You can do your own research and figure out which crystals work best for you specifically but for me, black tourmaline works wonders. I carry this in my pocket every single day. Once you get into the swing of carrying crystals you will notice a big change.

4. Enforce healthy boundaries.

If you find these attacks are coming from a specific person limit their presence in your life. No one should be able to hold power over your being. If they are bringing you down cutting them out is essential.

5. Make it clear you will no longer be affected.

Tell yourself verbally that you will no longer let these attacks bother you or affect your life. This is setting your intentions and making it clear that you will not be broken. As mentioned above the things we put out in the world hold more power than we realize.

6. Meditate more often to strengthen your aura.

Meditate as much as you can. Clear your mind and really work to bring a deeper sense of strength to your aura. This is much easier than it sounds.

Image via Neuroscience News