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Research has shown that the closer a mother and son are, the more likely they are to be well-adjusted in life. Not only that, but as mothers, nothing makes us happier than to feel connected with our children.

The relationship your son has with you now will set the stage for how their future relationships will pan out. In many ways, you are teaching your son how to love and how to trust, by loving and trusting in him. The relationship between mother and son may be complex, but not so much that it cannot be hacked and even mastered.

Below, I am going to cover 6 ways to build a stronger relationship with your son.

1. Understand that his preferences will be different than yours.

Males communicate differently than women, and they tend to be more practical, non-verbal, and oriented toward action. With that said, there will be times when you will not see eye to eye and there will be times when you are speaking two different languages. So, seek to understand things from his point of view.

2. Teach him important life skills.

It is extremely important to show your child the skills necessary to be a fully functioning adult. So, teach him how to cook, teach him how to clean, teach him how to care for pets, and teach him how to manage his finances. Do not assume a woman will one day pick up his slack.

3. Spend quality time together doing things he enjoys.

Make sure that you make time for things that he enjoys, not just what you want him to enjoy. For example, you may want him to be a musician or to be an artist, while he may enjoy monster trucks. So, make time for what he enjoys and do it with him!

4. Encourage him to build strong bonds with others.

Help encourage your son to make friends, develop deep bonds with others, and empathize with others. Teach him how to love, by loving him and by connecting with him.

5. Respect him.

The thing about respect is that it is not taught, it is modeled. If you want your son to be a respectable young man, you need to show him respect and treat him like a person.

6. Allow him space and a voice.

Boys need space and independence. Do not crowd him and do not constantly hover over him. When he has an opinion, allow him to say it, and do not trample all over him.