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When it comes to ‘wanting’ we all go through different things to get what we want. Whether you’re the kind to force yourself where you want to be or the kind to sit around and wait for things to happen, you still want and there is no denying that.

Below I am going to go over some of the different ways in which we tend to go about getting things we would like in life. Some of these are means that work well and others, not so much. Which ones do you use and how have they worked out for you?

6 Different Things We Do To Get What We Want:

1. Asking

When we want something more times than not we will ask for it. While this doesn’t always work, it, for the most part, can be done regarding most small things. We as children did this all the time but as we have grown it isn’t something we do as frequently.

2. Working

When we come up with new things we want, and we do not have the means of getting them we work harder for them. We work to achieve the things we would like in life and do all we can to ensure that we’re working hard enough to have nice things and be where we want to be. Without working hard having what you want isn’t necessarily possible under most normal circumstances.

3. Waiting

Some people, however, are not like those listed above. Some people sit around and wait for things to happen. They want and want but refuse to do anything to get in a place where they will be able to actually ‘get.’ Waiting around for life to happen for you and for happiness to find you isn’t ever going to do you any good.

4. Expecting

When we want things the basis comes from our expectations. What do we expect in general and how do we expect it? If we do not begin here, we cannot truly move forth. Are our expectations too high? Perhaps our ‘wants’ are unrealistic?

5. Demanding

Depending on what we want sometimes being demanding is a thing. This usually doesn’t work out properly but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in occurrence. People who want things from others will demand those things if they believe it will work for them. Intimidation is a serious tactic that many use.

6. Sharing

When we share things with others we are partaking in a ‘give and take’ style experience and this means that you give something and so does the other person. Both of you are getting something out of the ordeal and everyone is content. This leaves everyone taking off on a positive note.

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